Once again,

April 25, 2011

So we have ourself another crossroad, where a seemingly meaningless event in sports meets a chance for me to have a cool head.
And yet again, I will keep a cool head about the Reds losing two of three to St. Louis, and the events of Friday night, and the actions of Tony Larusa, who is obviously the greatest baseball mind in history. Just ask him.
Now, LaRusa did not invent baseball, he did however point out a few key changes to help Abner Doubleday way back when.
Since then, he has no doubt been the most important thing to ever happen to not just baseball, but all of sports.
So maybe he from time to time gets drunk, and passes out while stopped at traffic lights. And from time to time he turns a blind eye to half his team blatantly abusing performance enhancing drugs, and risking their live’s to make the team better, and yes, he also turns around and hires some of them as assistant coaches, and he portrays an air of arrogance that is contagious and leads to his entire team acting like they are above the game, and coming off like spoiled bitches, but he’s a good guy.
Vaginier Molina, is also an amazing man. Clearly the greatest catcher in history. I love this guy, and would never want to see him mauled by homosexual Panda Bears.
Chris Carpenter is also a stand up fella. Never does he chirp at umpires and opposing teams, and I doubt there is any player alive that would want to see anything bad happen to him.
I also feel the same love for St. Louis Cardinals fans. I do not think they are hillbillies, inbred’s or jack-asses, who have a false sense of superiority about their historically mediocre team. I in no way root for tornado’s to rip through their various trailer parks, and Ozark mountain shanty towns.
That should do for now, I have to run down to the bar to help coach Larusa find his car.


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