Guess Who Sucks At Baseball?

April 20, 2011

I’ve came to the conclusion, that the answer to this question is the Cincinnati Reds.
They suck at Pitching, except 2 out of every 3 Arroyo starts, they suck at Baserunning, and right now, they really suck at hitting.
They are in a span of games against the worst teams in all of the National league (they can’t play themselves). Pittsburgh, San Diego, Arizona, and Arizona again. What do they have to show for it?
Maybe 3 wins.
Jay Bruce sucks again, Rolen is in a funk, Gomes is a nightmare, and whomever starts at catcher might as well be a pitcher.
Janish is quickly proving he destined to be a lifetime backup, that is until the Reds cut him and he goes to Houston.
Now, they get to go on a roadie to St Louis, and Millwaukee, after which they could very well be 9-16, after firing out of the gate 5-0.
We all expected big things from the Reds, but it appears last year was a mix of guys having career seasons, and a little bit of magic.
This team expects to win, they just don’t do anythign to actually help win.
A lot of people think they just need to hold on until their big arms get off the DL.
Who are these big arms?
Schilling and Johnson?
Nope. Cueto, and Bailey.
When your missing pieces are Cueto, and Bailey, you suck,
Cueto is solid, and Bailey can be at times good, but counting on them is a huge mistake.
The best part is, our Ace, is an absolute trainwreck.
Edinson Volquez has to give up 4 runs before he can be good, at which point he is lights out, but not only is it too late, he’ll have to come out in the 5th inning because he’s already thrown 120 pitches by then.
The only thing we have to look forward to this year, is how high they crank the radar gun up for Chapmans pitches, that is until he gets hurt too.


3 Responses to “Guess Who Sucks At Baseball?”

  1. Morris said

    You can always jump on the Tribe bandwagon…

  2. Disgruntled Reds Fan said

    I would rather walk through an AIDS needle factory than jump on the Tribe bandwagon. I would rather get a tatoo of Clay Aiken blowing Richard Simmons than root for the tribe. I would rather get arrested for stealing $60 worth of Macy’s t-shirts than root for the tribe…

    Oh wait, the Reds just gave up another run…the Native Americans don’t sound too bad.

    I still hate all things Cleveland.

  3. joe jitsu said

    Does Shawon Dunston still play shortstop for the Cubs?

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