It’s You Bronson

April 11, 2011

It’s always been you.
The search for the Ace of the Cincinnati Reds starting rotation, is over.
It never should have gotten to this point, yet here we are.
Last year in the playoffs, Dusty went with Edinson Volquez to lead the Reds into their first playoff series in a long long time.
it went less than great, but seeing as how the other guy threw a perfect game, it didn’t really matter anyway.
This year for Opening day, Volquez again. Also that went poorly, but the Reds still won.
So as we venture into Volquez’s third start of the year, what should have been his first actual start since he missed the beginning of camp, we are seeing the downside of the guy with all the upside.
Volquez when he is at his best, is the best the Reds have to offer, but that best is hard to find at times.
He has the best stuff, the biggest upside of anyone on the staff, except maybe Cueto who is still on the DL. What he also has is moments where he can’t get anyone out. He can be up 0-2 on anyone, and still walk them. he wants to strike everyone out, throw the perfect pitch, when he should be just throwing to the plate, using his fastball, and letting the defense do what they do best.
Bronson Arroyo on the other hand, is as consistant as you will find anywhere. He may not blow anyone away, but he eats innings game after game, and keeps the Reds in position to win. The only issues he has, is when he has no command of his off-speed stuff, but no pitcher is judged by the rare bad days, especially when they are as rare as Arroyo’s.
He may be boring, he may be slow, but he is the best we have, and even though he will never hit the upper 90’s, he can go toe to toe with anyone.
Bronson doesn’t seem to care about being “the Ace”, or getting the first start.
Maybe that is his best attribute, as the young guys seem to fold when the moment gets too big.
Arroyo by all means should have made his 3rd straight opening day start this year, but like the previous two years, he stepped aside and let someone else take the reigns.
This year he has Mono, and is limited in what he can do, yet he is the only Reds Starter to go 6 plus innings. He’s 2-0, with just 3 hits in 13 innings, and zero walks.
If the Reds do happen to make the playoffs, no matter what the upside is for anyone else, Bronson Arroyo needs to take the mound.


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