See it all playing out

April 2, 2011

So I’ve had this nagging feeling that the Bengals are going to waste an awesome draft pick, and take Cam Newton.
Not sure why, but I just see it happening.
Maybe it’s the history, or the fact that there is going to be just too many can’t miss guys available with the 4 pick, but I see how this is going to play out already, and it’s making me sick.
Peterson, Green, or a choice stud D-lineman/pass rusher just makes too much sense.
Waiting a year, knowing you are completely fucked at QB this year, and knowing you are almost garunteed a shot at either Matt Barclay, or Andrew Luck, and then being in a position to win year in and year out just makes too much sense for this team.
Throw in the recent buzz with Newton stemming from the Pro Football Weekly analysis of him, and all the hoopla surrounding that, and I can say with all certainty that the Bengals will draft Cam newton.
Oh why Oh why do I do this to myself?


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