Where’s The Outrage?

March 28, 2011

Seems like every year, you hear people complain about the Major League playoff, and World Series games starting too late at night.
Mainly because it’s too late for young fans to watch.
I myself am usually in this croud, especially since according nearly every stat out there, less and less American kids are playing baseball.
However, you hear hardly a peep about NCAA Basketball tourney games starting so late.
Now, even big time, close basketball games take nowhere near as long as a MLB playoff game, but still, they start just as late, if not later in some cases.
Why is this?
Also, since I live in Columbus my ears perk up a little when I hear complaints, or outrage about Jim Tressel and Ohio State, and their whole little “scandal” thing. However, I have heard very little about the fact that two of the teams in The Final Four are being coached either by a guy who has had two other Final 4 trips vacated because of major infractions (even one that was going down as he was hired for this job), and another being coached by a guy who will be suspended at the start of next season, if he comes back.
Callipari, and Calhoun have done a great job of making sure lower level assistants, and outside handlers, who seem to be pretty well taken care of have taken the brunt of the blame, even though anyone with half a brain can see their hands are as dirty as anyone, and chances are the things they have been busted for, barely scratch the surface.
So why is it, everyone nationally seems to want Tressel’s head on a platter, but Jim Calhoun (who pays AAU coaches) gets a free pass?
Where’s the outrage?
My answer?
Tressel is the new story, and college basketball may be the most corrupt sport in all the land, and we pretty much expect it.


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