Enough Already

March 13, 2011

I missed the NCAA selection show because I was out working on the new house. I have seen zero minutes of coverage (trying to get my 2 year old to watch The Empire Strikes Back/fend off the flu), and only had minimal radio coverage on my drive home.
I skimmed through two articles about the Big Dance, and gave a blank bracket a quick once over.
Already, I am tired of hearing teams complain about getting “snubbed”.
This year, there are 68 teams in the tourney, taking the grand total of teams who have no shot to win it all the way up to 60, as opposed to years past when the total ammount of hopeless teams was a mere 50 or so teams.
If you didn’t get in, chances are you sucked really bad at Basketball this season.
Sure, there are still teams we have to put in, even though everyone knows they are at best a one-and-done, but they did win their conference tourney/championship so they get in over slightly better shitty teams from bigger conferences.
 But this happens every year, and when someone like Princeton (I’m assuming they invented the Princeton style offense) wins a game or two, we’ll all go crazy.
Yes, there are teams out there like Colorado who had a few big wins over good teams, and still didn’t get in even though teams they beat got in ahead of them.
How can this be?
My guess is teams like Colorado played pretty much nobody early on in the season, and lost to a lot of shitty teams, thus cancelling out whatever “big” wins they may have had.
In this day and age, it is hard to not make the tournament.
The rules are quite simple.
Win your conference, or conference tourney, you get in.
Play a few tough teams early in the regular season out of conference, and you don’t even need to win, and you get bonus points.
Don’t rack up loss after loss to mediocre teams, or maybe even try winning more than one decent sized road game.
Try all of these things next year, and if that doesn’t work, try not sucking at Basketball.
My personal hypocrasy was tested this season.
I’ve always said, as long as Izzo is at MSU, and they still offer players scholarships, I don’t care about what their record is, they deserve to be in, because they never let you down in March.
This year is as close as I think we will ever come to proving this wrong. I don’t think MSU deserved a slot, but with Lucas healthy as a Senior, and Izzo on the bench, I am not putting any of my money against them.
I see the Big East has like 73 teams in it this year. What an amazing Conference!
I have yet to look at the full bracket with any detail, but I’m gonna go ahead and say there will be the same ammount of Big East teams in the Elite 8 this year as there are grocery stores that sell Unicorn meat.
Because it is the same thing year, after year.
So many different teams from The Big East catch our eye during a game here or there, and we fall in love. Then, that team loses to the next Big East team to win our hearts, and it just grows, and grows.
They say “The Big East” eats it’s own.
Not so.
The Big East feeds it’s own.
With the exception of the years UCONN won it all, and Carmelo Anthony’s little reign of terror (won me a lot of money), The Big East falls flat, each and every year.
For about 9 minutes in the middle of March, we here people say things like “maybe the big east wasn’t as good as we thought” but then someone says something about how playing in that conference takes it’s toll on all the Big East teams, and then right before the next season, the Bandwagon is as strong as ever, and the whole thig just repeats itself.
Look, The Big East is a great conference, and fun to watch. Something on my sports bucket list would be to go to the Garden for The Big East Tournament, but 95% of the time, Big East play does not fit in with NCAA tourney style ball.
It’s like the Pheonix Suns from years past.
Fun to watch, they can score a lot of points, and look amazing, but when team after team has no clue of discipline, and practices selective defense, you will not be dancing long in March.
You have to be able to win a game by only scoring in the mid fifties, as opposed to the fast flowing showtime style played in The Big East.
I’m not saying no Big East teams will win it, I’m just saying once again, I am betting against it.


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