And So It Begins

February 24, 2011

Look out Miss Cleo, there’s a new prophet in town.
A while back, I made the call that the contract situation with Albert Pujols was going to be a big flaming bag of crap on the St. Louis Cardinals front porch, and the whole thing was going to work in the Reds’ favor.
Now, though it may not be how I said it was going to happen, it is already happening.
Adam Wainwright needs a new throwin’ elbow!
So take a perenial playoff contender, put a big stinking cloud around their franchise player, and while you are at it, make it so the runner up for the Cy Young has to wipe lefty for the better part of the year.
Throw in the factt hat we have the Reggie Sanders of the new decade now (Edgar Renteria) and it’s a good time to be a Reds fan.
Seeing as how I also may need an elbow transplant, I do feel bad for Wainwright. I don’t want to wish injuries on anyone except Vaginier Molina, whom I hope gets some rare disease of the butthole. However, that being said, this whole thing doesn’t exactly hurt my Redlegs chances at repeating as NL Central champs.
Sure, another trip to the playoffs will most likely mean another embarrassing whoopin to some team from Philly, but the days leading up to it will be awesome.
So keep up the good work Cardinals. I hope the Pujols thing drags out all year, gets really ugly, the team suffers, and of course the disease thing to Molinas butthole.
Go Reds!


Carnies 1, Chris 0

February 19, 2011

So, tonight, on what could have been a fun little family outing, we ended up getting swindled by Carnie’s.
I pride myself on my ability to never put myself in a situation where I may be exposed to carnie’s of any sort. I have natural born instinct that keeps me one step ahead of the shifty little traveling bastards, and not fall victim to their shenanigans.
Tonight, that instinct failed me big time.
The plan was to take our nearly 3 year old son to go see a dinosaur exhibit at the expo center.
Now first off, the expo center is located at the State Fair grounds, and I never attend fairs, so I should have known better.
However, there is all kinds of other stuff at the Expo Center, including a huge home show I have to work at next week, so I thought all was going to be well.
The ads were not all that revealing, so I expected the Dino-exhibit to be cheesy, but never did I expect it to be the Carnie ruse it turned out to be.
The fact that it was located about a hundred yards from the Ohio State Highway patrol headquarters made me think it had to at least be a little on the up and up, but I was wrong.
I think the fact that my son is insane about Dinosaurs, put my carnie instincts in a fog. Letting my boy see even the crappiest statue of a T-Rex would make him the happiest kid in the world, so I was all-in no matter what.
So we get to the Parking lot, this is when the Carnies got the first $5 of my not-all-that hard earned money.
Whatever, my boy loves his some Dinosaurs, so money meant nothing.
Then we discover that in the adjacent building was a big flea market thing. It wasn’t actually a flea market, but I don’t know what to call it so we’ll say flea market. It was one of those things they advertise on the radio with the same voice-guy that does Monster truck rallies and what not. The kind where they sell DVD players for like 20 bucks, and car sterio’s, and Computers for rock bottom prices. (So this is why we call it a flea market)
Anywho, we get inside, and discover that kids under 6 are free, which was great, and adults were 9 bucks a pop. Not so great.
So now we are up to $23 of my cash.
These were not your ordinary Carnie’s.
At this point I didn’t even know I was dealing with Carnie’s. I just thought I was getting screwed, but since there was going to be Dinosaurs for my little man, all was still well.
That’s when I saw what was inside.
not only were the Dinosaurs even shittier than I could have ever dreamed, it was half the size I thought it was going to be (because the other half of the building was full of bouncy rooms, carnival rides, and shitty concessions).
Well played Carnie’s, well played.
The other patrons consisted of the following. 5% parents with the same look on their face as me and my wife had, and 95% white trash who were super excited about where they were, and the chance to have their picture taken via shitty camera phone in front of a fake dinosaur that was made from about $3 worth of chinese plastic.
I saw more little redheaded kids tonight than any decent man should ever see.
I don’t want to sound like I think i am better than some of my fellow Americans, but I damned sure know I am better than most of these people.
If one was to set up a tent in the parking lot, and sell MMA shirts, Monster energy drinks, pagers, or Newport cigarettes, or $5 paternity tests, they could have made a fortune there tonight.
I already hate camera phones, and the douche-bags who constantly use them for everything, and anything, and after tonight I am on a mission to rid the earth of them.
But, I digress. So the Dino exhibit sucked bad, but my son loved it.
Five minutes later we had seen everything, sans the shitty homemade dinosaur shirts we could have bought, but since we were in for $23 already, we went through again.
Let me say that my son was absolutely crazy about the exhibit, and even if I was in hell, making him happy is what it’s all about, so i pressed on.
However, after another 5 minutes we had been through twice, and my son wanted to venture into the other side of the building. The side with the pay-to-bounce inflatable bouncy rooms full of little white trash kids, and more carnies, and carnie food.
I was having none of this.
In true Carnie form, they made it so it is so tempting to little kids, that it forces you to become an asshole by making them leave.
My son was pretty pissed he couldn’t go into the hepatitis filled bouncy rooms for a buck a bounce, or play in the “gold panning” adventure.
I tried to convince my son that there was no gold, it was just a Carnie ruse to get more of my money.
I tried to promise him ice cream, but in his eyes, I wasn’t taking him away from a redneck paradise full of carnie food and the worst dinosaur statues ever, I killed the T-Rex, and wouldn’t let him pan for gold in water a Guatemalan street child wouldn’t touch.
So instead of having a fun night out, and making my kid the happiest little boy in the world, I am an asshole, who will have to drop another $50 on dinosaur toys to win my kid back.
Thanks Carnie’s, you’ve won this round.

Dream Scenario

February 16, 2011

The best move of the entire offseason for the Cincinnati Reds, is playing out as we speak.
Something so big, it could not only have an effect on trying to defend the NL Central title this season, but it could decide the fate of the next 6-8 years.
This thing with Albert Pujols, and the Cardinals is perfect.
Not only is it going to create a big cloud over the Reds newest rival in the division, but there is really no bad outcome for the Reds in all this.
Cincy just has to keep getting better, stay smart with the payroll, and add a role player here and there, and their place atop the NL Central will be assured for years to come.
Look at it like this.
For the Cardinals, there is no right way to go about this. Aside from Pujols saying, “I love it here, I’ll play for half price”, any way they look at it, they are backed into a corner.
They can give an aging Dominican, with a Dominican birth certificate, and a build that looks like it had some chemical help, whose numbers have started tailing off a ton of money, for up to 8 more years, and pretty much assure themselves of losing their pitching stars in a year or two, and not being able to sign anyone else, because they mortgaged their entire financial future on one guy.
Or they could hold strong, tell their fans, money means too much, look like the bad guys, make it a clubhouse full of questions, maybe make Albert look like the villain and risk losing the best player they have, even though he is getting older, and older every day, he is the face of the franchise, and losing him is a gut shot that won’e be easy to get up from.
Angry fans, anxious teammates, a loss of most of their offense, and their identity, or give all their money to one guy, who could be 31, or 37 years old?
And it gets even sweeter.
The team most likely to make a huge offer to Pujols outside the Cardinals?
The Chicago Cubs.
So then we would have one rival reeling to replace the best player in franchise history, and the other taking themself out of every free agent race for the next 6-8 years.
The only way this can get better, is either the Cards or Cubs break the bank for Albert, and then Milwaukee puts all their chips in for Prince Fielder, only for him to leave for Houston, and sign an 8 year five hundred million dollar deal.
After all this, even Pittsburgh could make a run at it.
Oh these are good times to be a Reds fan, and they are only getting better.


February 15, 2011

I keep seeing updates scroll across ESPN about the federal court’s attempt at convicting Barry Bonds for the whole steroid thing.
I know it’s not about him taking steroids, more so that he lied to a Grand Jury, but come one, how long has this been going on?
If it takes this long, and God knows how many tax dollars for government employees to prove Bonds was a bad boy, is it really worth it?
My son is not quite 3, and he is fairly confident that Bonds used Steroids, and only a moron would believe his “linseed oil” story he told the grand jury.
California, is basically bankrupt, and broke.
I’m not saying the California appeals district dedicating over 4 years of time in trying to convict Bonds is why that state is in the financial crisis it is, but it ain’t exactly helping.
I’m no Bonds fan, but if it takes this long to get him, who cares?
No they’re saying a judge is going to admit a recorded conversation, (whose legality is all kinds of gray) from Bonds’ personal trainer to use against him.
So this tape, is going to take precedent over the sworn testimony of the guy on the tape, who by the way time, and again chooses prison over ratting out his friend/sugar daddy.
Bonds used Steroids, and he still lies about it.
Who cares?
Am I the only one that thinks the amount of time, and money spent proving the blatantly obvious is the bigger crime here?

Social Codes

February 15, 2011

So for Valentines Day, and since my wife is 9 months pregnant, we went to a bar for dinner. Actually, not everything worked out the way we wanted, and time was running short ont he sitter, so we hit up a pub around the corner from our friends house, but Pub, Bar, who’s counting?
So while there, I ordered one of their specialty pizzas, which I had before. They are pretty awesome, and I was all excited to not only have a rare date with my wife, but pizza, and beer in the process. That is right up until he table next to us got their food.
They all had their own basket of wings, which looked, and smelled awesome, and suddenly my BBQ Chicken wood fired pizza sounded like a big plate of turds.
It was too late, my order was in, and I wanted wings instead.
Well a few minutes later, it was pretty obvious that this group of strangers had ordered more than they could chew, and a good amount of perfectly edible wings was going to go to waste.
So I asked my wife, if it would be appropriate for me to ask this group of strangers if I could have a couple of their left over wings.
You would have thought I was thinking of asking to finish their sandwich, or to taste their soup.
Of Course my wife shot down my attempt at free wings, even before it got going.
So I ask this, what would be so bad about me asking to have a wing, when it was obvious they were done?
Yes, they were total strangers, and if needed I would have given them a few bucks.
With wings, it is different. They come in a basket, and are eaten often times on a second, completely separate plate. They usually are never even touched, so it’s not that gross right?
So then my wife grew concerned, and asked if I had been a bus boy, would I eat off people’s plates.
The answer was a no brainer, yes. When wings are involved the question is not if I would eat people s leftovers, but if I would even bother to take them into the back, or just sit at the table and finish their meal?
So now we go to maybe an even bigger question.
The tv I was facing, was on Womens College Basketball. Has anyone tried watching that stuff?
How is it even in any way socially acceptable for someone to put a public television on women’s basketball?
I scanned the bar checking for who could be wanting to watch this. There was no noticeable groups of lesbians anywhere to be seen. Nobody was watching this, except of course me, because I had no choice.
Our waitress sucked, so I had nobody to ask about changing the channel.
After a while, I determined two things.
One, the only way I would ever voluntarily watch women’s college basketball on tv, is if there were at least two balls on the court at all times.
Imagine how awesome that would be?
It would be splendid chaos. Make it so, there is never a time when both balls could be out of play, and the action could go on at either end. There would be fighting, screaming, probably no more points than you see with one ball, but at least it would be entertaining.
Of course the amount of times the players fall down for no particular reason would go through the roof, but there is already a ton of that anyway.
So, knowing that my dream of saving women’s sports will never take off, lets get to the 2nd thing I learned from watching women’s basketball in a bar.
I would dominate women’s college basketball.
Even in a game featuring the UCONN womens team (which is who was playing in this particular game), I would be a force.
Now, I am not trying to be funny, nor boastful, nor am I trying to put down women (watch it, they do that pretty well on their own).
Even though I have not shot a basketball in at least 4 years, if I were to play either until I threw up, or fouled out, I could score 20 points at will against these women.
Not only that, but I can safely say I would guarantee a double/double every single game.
Thats at least 10 points, and at least 10 rebounds every single game.
Now, I am only 5’9″, and way out of shape, and 4 saying it’s been 4 years since I shot a basketball is a conservative estimate, but that being said, I could smoke those ladies.
Now, obviously there are a handful of women in this world who are pretty good at basketball, but aside from them, I would be a dominant force in the world of womens basketball.
I’m sure that chick who plays for Baylor and punches other chicks would be able to block my shot if I drove the lane, but seeing as how I can run and dribble at the same time, jump more than 6 inches, and don’t need to shoot by using my entire body, I would still have the upper hand against 98% of the young ladies on scholarship for basketball.
I’d like a chance to prove it.
It could be like the movie Ladybugs.
I’ll even throw down a challenge to any woman not named Lisa Leslie, to a 1-on-1 showdown.
I hate having to call out an entire sport like this, but I have no choice.
I missed most of a pretty good Big East Mens game because someone decided that putting Womens basketball on ESPN is socially acceptable.
I hate to do this, but it has to be done.
Ball’s in your court ladies.

Chris Married a Pervert?

February 13, 2011

Sadly, this is not actually the case, but I think something may be going down.
My wife was filling out all the valentines my son is going to bring to school tomorrow, and I noticed a few sitting to the side that on the From: part, it said Sarah T. So I had to assume the inside of all of the Lightning McQueen valentine cards all said From: Sarah, as opposed to From: Dylan.
So, does this make my wife a Pedophile, or just absent minded?
I confronted her about this, and she said she “accidentally” did this to just a couple, and the rest all say they are from our son.
I’m gonna have no choice to take her word for it, as opposed to opening all the valentines and checking.
We’ll see if any restraining orders are filed by the other parents.

Whats Wrong With My Arm

February 13, 2011

So recently, I have been experiences some “issues”.
Mainly it is random, crippling pain in my right arm. Now, just relax everyone who is thinking “heart attack”, because it is my right arm, and it is in the exact same spot every time, and it is pain, not numbness, so it’s all good.
But anywho, from time to time, and the times are getting more frequent, I get this searing pain just above my elbow, mostly behind my arm, but pretty much all the way around. At times, I can’t make a fist when it comes on, other times, I can’t hold my arm up.
It rarely lasts more than about 3 seconds, so I can deal with it, but I’m starting to get concerned.
Since it feels like a bullet has hit me in my triceps, I can’t do much with my arm when this all goes down.
I’m a little worried about how I am going to build a house without the use of my good arm, and also some other things as well.
I’m gonna have a new baby soon, so holding a newborn while my arm goes limp might not be a good thing. And, anyone who is married knows how much fun one can have with their arm when needed, but that little fact is going on the back burner, as the other concerns will take priority.
Pretty much whenever I straighten out my arm after a long period of time, it comes on. other times, it is just for no reason whatsoever.
Sometimes when I am driving, it shoots up my arm and causes a dangerous situation, as my good driving arm is now rendered useless.
So I guess what I am getting at is this.
Does anyone out on the inter-webs know what the hell is wrong with my arm?
Do I have AIDs?
It should be noted that a few years back, after a few years of putting it off, I had an MRI done, and I was told by “doctors” that my rotator cuff is torn. It was nearly completely torn as the “doctors” explained but I remained skeptical. Because of this, and the fact that the major surgery to “fix” my torn rotator cuff would make me a useless turd for half a year, with a crapload of rehab to follow (not the cool/sexy kind where you are in lockdown with Lindsay Lohan). So long story short, I chose to “rehab” my shoulder as opposed to surgery. I decided that my resale price would stay higher with all original parts, and I could still do most of the stuff I want to anyway, plus I was holding out for a cyborg type new arm entirely.
Anyone who knows me knows I only did the rehab stuff for about a week, before deciding it was gay, even though my arm did start feeling a little better.
So knowing that at this point, my right arm is operating sans rotator cuff, and now I also have random episodes where it feels like my elbow has been struck by a sniper, please tell me what is wrong, and what I can do to fix it.
I would prefer all suggestions to be of the holistic, eastern philosophy, home remedy, or self medicating kind, as opposed to the hip new fad known as “western medicine”, as I have no time for it, and don’t want to expose myself to this new “Obamacare” everyone is all up in arms about.
So please inter-webbers, what is wrong with my arm?
So far, based on the usual medical websites I have visited, I have 4 suspects.
1. Pinched Nerve (If it were pinched, shouldn’t it hurt all the time, as I am doing nothing new to periodically pinch it?)
2. Lou Gehrig’s disease (No medical proof on this, but from footage from “Pride Of The Yankees” it looks just like what got ole Lou to check himself out of that game)
3. Bieber Fever (I still really don’t know who the hell Justin Bieber is, so for the Bieber Fever to hit my wanking arm only, makes no sense at all)
4. Over-wanking with a torn Rotator Cuff (sadly this one makes the most sense)
Help me internets, you’re my only hope!

Blame Game

February 12, 2011

Well there you have it. Ohio State has lost, so obviously they have no business being ranked number 1, so we can forget that. I mean 24-1, is decent, but not #1 material.
So I can think of nothing better to do than to get back to business, and figure out just who is to blame for losing to a lesser team in Wisconsin.
You could start with John Diebler, whom if you only check the box scores, you wouldn’t even know he’s played a minute since the Purdue game. However, he pretty much plays the entire game, even though he at this point offers nothing to the team other than a foul here and there, and maybe every couple of games a free throw, or an assist. Dieb’s has never been one to create offense, so if the other team wants to shut him down, they will do just that. However, he used to at least play solid defense, but today he fell well short of doing even that.
Mr. Diebler, however is not the reason the Buckeyes lost. He didn’t help their cause in any way, but I’m getting used to that.
We could look at Thad Matta’s knack for never subbing anyone into the game.
At some point, College kids will get tired, and when you blow a 15 point lead on the road by playing sloppy, and not being aggressive on defense, and on the boards, one could say tired players played a role. Or, that when the other team is pushing around all game long, an extra big down low for a stretch or two could only help. Dallas Lauderdale, and Desaun Thomas are pretty big if I recall. If nothing else they can rest the other guys here and there, or eat up a foul or two, or maybe, just maybe get a rebound. If the Buckeyes continue to play only 5 guys per game, they have zero shot at winning the title. Too many minutes, too many games.
However the real reason Ohio State lost today is far more obvious.
My Wife.
Last fall, the football Buckeyes were undefeated, and headed into a big showdown in Madison against the Badgers. We had plans for the game, as any good fan should. My wife had previously scheduled an appointment to get new tires put on her car. So she dropped her car off, I picked her up drover her around, and dropped her back off when her car was ready later in the day.
The Buckeyes football team then went on to lose their only game of the year, to Wisconsin.
Today, all was going quite well. I was certain of a Buckeyes victory, and headed out to get some work done. I got a call from my wife saying she had scheduled an appointment to get her car looked at, because it was making a noise when she braked.
At this point, I knew the undefeated, number 1 Buckeyes Basketball team would lose today, in Wisconsin.
Just like with football, my wife, or her stupid car dealer has cost the Buckeyes an undefeated season, and I don’t really know what to do about it.
Can I sue her?
It has caused me emotional distress.
Plus, both times the Bengals have made the playoffs in the last couple of decades, I picked her up at the airport, only to watch the Bengals lose at home, in the playoffs to a wildcard team later in the day.
I am now blaming her for the Bengals demise as well.
So rest assured, any big game for the Buckeyes, or the Bengals, no matter how messed up my wifes car is, she can wait, because if John Diebler is going to be completely worthless, and Thad Matta is only going to play 5 guys, my Buckeyes will be needing all the help they can get.

What Happens First

February 11, 2011

You really couldn’t be farther apart in the ole “success” column, as you would be if you were to compare the current streaks of the two most notable Ohio basketball teams.
Take The Ohio State Buckeyes. The cream of the crop in college basketball right now. The Bucks particular “streak” isn’t really a streak, since it is all-encompassing. The streak is in fact made up of the entire season. The Buckeyes, have won every game they have played in this year. All 25.
So there was no low point, no down side, no moment where they got on a roll. They shot out of the gate, and have yet to look back.
On the other end of the spectrum, is the Cleveland Cavaliers, or as I call them “The best Rec league team in the world, with the unfortunate handicap of having to play solely against NBA teams”. Cleveland had some success at one point this season, and in the NBA, especially in the Eastern Conference, any success at all gives you about a 50/50 shot at making the playoffs, or as I call them in the NBA, “the only part of the NBA year that matters in anyway (not counting the first round)”. 
Whatever success the Cavs had, was short lived, as they have now lost 26 straight games.
Hopefully nobody has watched enough Cavaliers basketball to know just when this streak started, so let’s just assume it was around the time Lebron came back to visit, and all doubts as to whether or not leaving Cleveland was the right choice went out the window.
Let’s compare it to going back to your high school reunion as the only guy to have moved out of his parents house, gotten a job, and gotten laid.
Anywho, things are not going that well in Cleveland.
So lets ask this. What happens first, Buckeyes lose a game, or the Cavaliers somehow win a game?
Ohio State, is running out of chances as far as the regular season goes. Before the Big Ten schedule started, I picked out 4 games I thought the Bucks had a chance to lose. They have won 3 of those, and the final one comes this saturday in Madison Wisconsin. THe Badgers are not bad, nor are they ever. They fall way short talent wise compared to OSU, but Bo Ryan is as good as any coach in the country, and his system can adapt to give any team a hard time, especially when they are home. When you go to Wisconsin, the crowd is always a factor, your stars always find a way to get into foul trouble, and Wisconsins style can really annoy you, and it only takes one key play for everything to come undone.
I think OSU should win this game, but can see a slip up come Big Ten tourney time. If there is any games left on the Buckeyes schedule where a lot of folks will be predicting their demise, this game is it. After this, it’s tune up time for the Madness.
As for the Cavs, they take the court next versus the alpha dog of NBA futility, the LA Clippers. Now, this is not the Clippers of old, but it should be known that any Clippers player’s car that is parked in Kobe Bryants parking spot will be towed within 5 minutes.
Cleveland will be getting Mo Williams back soon, so that can’t hurt can it? THe best thing going for the Cavs besides the fact that it is still legal for them to collect paychecks, is that the NBA regular season is the most worthless activity in all of sport. Any team, no matter how good, or how bad can simply not show up, and lose on any given night. The other bright spot is that there are really only a handful of good NBA teams, so on most nights the Cavs will at least have a shot. A few good breaks, a favorable call or two, and one guy getting hot, and the Cavs can chalk one up in the win column.
The downside to all of this, besides the obvious, is that as the streak gets bigger, and bigger, an NBA team who is on it’s 3rd game of a road trip, and might otherwise slack off for a night, is going to want no part of being the team that the Cavs actually beat.
Now, there is a chance that OSU will not lose at all this year, and there is a chance the Cavs have already won their last game, but let’s pretend neither of these is gonna happen. So, the question is, which happens first.

Street Signs

February 8, 2011

The last time the Green Bay Packers won the Super Bowl, a street was named after then Head Coach Mike Holmgren. There is also a street/alley named after Brett Favre. Now, since they have won it again, there is talk about whether or not streets will be named after any of the new breed of Packers.
I’m all for it. Any time you can turn road signs into collectors items, I think it’s a good thing.
Give the teenagers of the greater Green Bay are something cool to steal, if nothing else.
However, I like to dig a little deeper in my spare time. Go the extra mile so to speak.
After all, Aaron Rogers may have won MVP, but somebody had to put him there. Some small act, sets off a chain of events that allowed all of this to happen, so lets take a look and see who really deserves having some crappy road in Green Bay Wisconsin named after them.
Now we all know the Packers were the last team to get into the playoffs, with the wildcard, and the #6 seed.
They won a tiebreaker with the Giants, and the Buccaneers.
Remember when the stupid Giants punter kicked it to Desawn Jackson as time was expiring instead of kicking it out of bounds, and Jackson ran it back for a TD? This did win the game for Philly, but even if he did kick it out of bounds, theres no telling what would have happened in Over-time. The Eagles had come back to tie it, and had all the momentum.
The Buccaneers also let an easy win slip away, when they blew a 4th quarter lead to the Lions, lead by 3rd string QB Drew Stanton.
We could be on to something with this one, but who in this little chain of events would be the one worthy of the street name?
Drew Stanton? The Kicker who made a field goal to win it?
It’s too hard to tell, and though this game did kill Tampa’s playoff dreams, the real chain of events goes back even farther.
Let’s stick with the Lions for the answer.
Green Bay Pretty much lucked into Aaron Rogers. Going into the draft he was the #2 QB available behind Alex Smith, whom was Urban Meyer’s test subject before perfecting the art of the over-rated QB when he built Tim Tebow.
No street for Urban though.
Several teams who have gone huge stretches without a decent QB also passed on Rogers, but there are too many people to choose from, unless we look to just what caused Aaron Rogers to drop to Green Bay with the 24th pick?
Why didn’t those teams take a QB if they needed one?
What could have possibly turned an entire draft on it’s head?
Well, here it is as I see it.
Common Logic said drafting a QB still made sense. If not that, any number of other position players would surely help. Every position but one, which was Wide Receiver, and they had used their 2 previous 1st rd. picks on receivers, so there was no way they would do that right?
Enter Matt Millen, who decided that of all the things that were going to fix the Lions, using the 10th pick on former USC Receiver Mike WIlliams (who had sat out an entire year) was going to be the answer.
Now this sets off a chain of events. Players other teams thought would be gone, were still there. Teams who thought they would go for best available, suddenly were looking at guys they wanted all along, and never dreamed would still be there. Shawn Merriman, Derek Rogers, and DeMarcus Ware to name a few, and Aaron Rogers was the one who suffered because Matt Millen is retarded.
Now, it’s worked out pretty good for Rogers in the end, and after going an entire year without a win, the Lions soon realized that Matt Millen was indeed retarded, have gone in a different direction.
So there you go. Matt Millen, a guy architect of a winless NFL team. A guy who for some reason still finds football related employment is the man the people of Green Bay owe all their recent success to.
Green Bay, if you have any graciousness, any decency, you will name a street after Matt Millen.
If not for him taking a fat receiver who hadn’t played in a year, someone else would have lucked into Aaron Rogers, and none of this would have happened.
Do the right thing Packers.