Best Gaurantee Ever

November 17, 2010

Recently, a defensive back for the University of Michigan went waaay out on a limb, and made a proclamation that would make Joe Namath blush. James Rogers, gave us what may be the ballsiest guarantee ever.
Last week Wisconsin pinned 83 points on Indiana, and according to Rogers, it won’t happen two weeks in a row.
“I guarantee they won’t score 83 points on us” claimed Rogers, as he really stuck his neck out.
guaranteeing a team won’t score 83 points on you in College football, is pretty wild, even if you are a member of the Michigan defense.
It’s like me saying “I guarantee my 2 year old son can’t beat me in Basketball if we play on a 10 foot hoop”.
However, Michigan’s defense is really, really, bad this year, so there is a bit of gusto to Rogers’ claim.
As a Buckeye fan, I not only need Michigan to win this game, but I also want to see Wisconsin lose, seeing as I hate those bastards.
However, I am torn.
I kind of think it would be just a little awesome, if Wisconsin scores like, 82 points this weekend, just to see what Rogers would say.
Would you brag about being right, even if you got your ass kicked in epic fashion?
How awesome would that be?
“That’s right bitches, only scored 82 points this week!”


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