Crappin Hammers

November 11, 2010

I do not want to exploit my two year old son on any of the internets, so this story is about some other kid I know.
We’ll call him, the B-Man.

So The B-Man has pretty well mastered the whole potty training thing, except one minor thing. He had only been crapping at daycare. Getting him to crap at home, was a major issue, since there were times when he clearly was about to crap himself, when we were at home. He would try to just pee standing up, and hope that would fix the problem.
Obviously, it did not.
So one night, not my wife, but some random chick I know sat in there with him, and coached him through his ordeal. It took a good deal of effort, but the last potty training hurdle was finally cleared, and the B-man could now crap pretty much anywhere he wanted to, except his pants.
During the epic struggle, he had taken his two little plastic hammers from his toybox in with him, and was holding them the whole time.
Now, he seems to only want to crap with his hammers at all times.
Or, he needs his hammers all the times he craps.
So, that is why we don’t have any hammers that belong to a little boy tool set, but we do have a beautiful pair of shiny red crappin’ hammers.


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