Small Victory

November 10, 2010

Since the Bengals do just enough to lose every game these days, and seem to inflict more pain on themselves than what their opponent does to them, we need to start looking at the small things that keep us sane.
First, every loss, minus the opener in New England, was a game the Bengals should have won, and still had a chance to win late in the game, had it not been for huge mistakes.
That’s about as Bengal as it gets, and is nothing new, so we need to look for more.
That’s why I’ve decided to start a new series each week after a Bengals loss, that spotlights a small facet of the game that gives me hope, and keeps me from climbing the bell tower with the ole sniper rifle.
This weeks, “One Surprisingly Not That Shitty Moment” is…
(One Surprisingly Not That Shitty is a registered trademark of me, so don’t steal it CBS)

Domata Peko pulverizing Troy Polamalu on the goal line.
Remember the Steve Atwater vs. the Nigerian Nightmare hit? This is the exact opposite of that, and almost made up for the terrible block by Jermaine Gresham on the same play. It’s not the same as winning the actual game, but it does help, and it is cool to see a “daywalker” Samoan smash another Samoan. I even think Domata has the better hair.
And if you’re gonna show Domata Peko youtube clips, you can’t forget this one
Good times.
And since this little bit of therapy seems to help me, I may as well go ahead and show a clip of the greatest play, in the history of sports.
Keep on truckin’ Corey Lynch.


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