I was wrong.

March 29, 2010

About 3 minutes before the 2nd round games began in this years NCAA tourney, I said, “this is the last year I do any brackets, since there is really only maybe 2 teams that have a chance to win it all, it’s not fair that the winner comes down to who picks the 8/9 games the best on day 1”. Before that day would end, one of those “2” teams would be upset, and the madness would continue from there.
The past two years, I picked the winner, which 5 years ago gave you about a 70 percent chance at hitting the money. I thought it was going to be just like the last two years, where there would be 25 people, all picking the winner, all within a point or two of winning the pool, and there would be about 15 or so people who picked the runner up, over the actual winner, all right there as well. I hate losing because I blew a pick on some worthless game in round 1. I thought this would be the pattern from here on out, until they got rid of the one and done, or we got some balance to the tourney.
I didn’t think I would see it come any time soon.
I was wrong.
Sure, Duke, is Duke. They’re a 1 seed, they had an easy road to make it this far, and they match up against WVU, who was one of the best 2 seeds in recent memory. They are the heavy favorites from here out, but look how it went down.
Of all the #1 seeds, Duke had been given the least amount of votes in just about every bracket pool I have seen.
WVU had to beat the other of the “2” teams with a legit shot, just to get here. Duke beat Baylor for God’s sake, and with a little more balance in the officiating under the hoop, that was anyone’s game yesterday. Baylor, just a few years ago, was on the verge of shutting down their basketball program. Being a Big-12 team, this was never really going to happen, but they were as dead in the water as you could get.
One teammate kills another teammate, and the coach tries to help cover it up, by smearing the slain players name, and honor. Most of the remaining players tried to transfer, and no player wanted to touch that school, and no coach with any options wanted to go their either.
Now, they not only just missed the final four by a few plays down the stretch, but look pretty good for next season.
On the other side, MSU is right back in the hunt, again. I will never bet against Tom Izzo. This guys is, without any doubt the best basketball coach alive, not named John Wooden. I knew, they matched up really bad against Tennessee without Lucas, but I still thought they could take it to the wire. I thought they would do it by slowing it down, but instead Izzo’s boy’s won the track meet.
The last third of the season, did anyone think MSU had a chance to make much of a run? Once Lucas went down, nobody, including myself thought they could pull it off, but here they are, once again.
They take on Butler? Butler is in the final four? It’s like it’s the 80’s or something.
I guess maybe anything can happen in March madness. This is good news for the people who are in a pool with me, since I was just about ready to stop putting my money in the pot every year, since it was getting “too predictable”.
In one of my bracket’s, unless Duke wins, the winner could be a guy with ZERO teams picked in the final four. If Duke loses Saturday, it may actually come down to how someone picked the “meaningless” games in the first round, just not the way I thought.
This could be the first year, in a long, long time, where I’m in a bracket where the winner didn’t pick the winning team, much less 95% of the bracket.
In one of the pool’s I’m in, I still have a chance at hitting the small money, as long as WVU loses to either Butler, or MSU.
NCAA tourney, you have won back my heart, and sadly, a lot of my money.



March 25, 2010

So today, was another t-shirt weather day in Central Ohio. Rain creeped in later in the day, but for the most part it was decent temperature wise, as it has been the past couple weeks. Warm, pleasant, a preview of thins to come.
Spring has been in the air.
I knew it was supposed to rain all night. I check the weather religiously. I even saw that some pockets of Ohio could expect snow. These pockets were far to my north, and the snow wasn’t supposed to amount to much.
Then, I hear my wife say something. It made no sense, so I asked her to repeat it. Still, the words coming from her mouth may as well have been in french, because I could not apprehend any of them.
She kept saying it, and getting mad when I asked “what”?
“It’s really snowing!” she said.
I looked out the window, and what to my pissed off eyes should appear, but a bunch of fucking snow. nearly an inch so far, and it’s really coming down.
How could this be? I was just out there, in a t-shirt, it was quite pleasant sans the rain. I would have grilled again, had it not been for the rain, and the fact I worked late.
I rushed to the internet. I didn’t have time to check all the internets, with the basketball and all, so I just checked the weather.com internet, and there it was.
3-5 inches of snow.
Not a dusting, not a rain/snow mix. Snow.
It went from the type of weather where one considers wearing shorts, to snow, in about 2 hours.
not just snow, but a decent pile is on the way. Enough to shovel. Enough to make me wish I had gone to the liquor store, and stocked up first.
People I know were golfing today, and now snow?
I know better than to ask how this can happen, it’s Ohio, and it’s March.
What I want to know is how do we go from, upper forties over night, and rain, and in the fifties tomorrow, to 5 damned inches of snow?
I estimate things for a living, and that’s the same as me estimating a job at around $1,500 tops, and then springing my client with a 750K invoice.
I know by this time tomorrow it will be warm again, and most of it will be gone, but come on weather people. The ball was seriously dropped on this one.
I guess it couldn’t have come at a better time.
College Basketball should keep me inside long enough to not notice it, until morning, at which time I’ll just pretend my muffler is leaking exhaust into the cab, and that I’m just hallucinating all the white stuff.
Then, if it’s really bad, I can rush home, and college basketball will be there for me again.


March 24, 2010

Two years ago, I was wearing the same clothes I put on the morning of the day before, and would wake up in them again the following day as well. I was in a hospital, nervous as hell, and waiting for the best chapter of my life to begin.
The D-man turned two today, and we had a blast.
I was actually showered, and wearing clean clothes, and running on a full nights sleep, unlike the night/day/night he was born two years ago.
He took cupcakes to all his buddies at daycare today, and took advantage of the awesome weather. In fact, he was less than thrilled to leave with me this afternoon.
When I got there, he was outside in the play area, riding around on a little min-car, and wasn’t ready to go.
The good news is, he got his first major case of the terrible two’s out of the way in no time at all. He was actually pretty pissed to be leaving, but it lasted only until he saw the big back-hoe the electric company guys were using along the road. 
All was not lost. We still had a great night.
Mac-n-cheese, playing outside, more cupcakes, more presents, and a shitload of books.
So there you go. Happy birthday Dylan!


March 23, 2010

I have officially watched Dancing With The Stars.
Not just that, but I DVR’d it.
My first reaction, is that the Bengals should have signed T.O.
Not because I think it would make them good, but because that would literally be the best reality television of all-time. Seeing him sitting there in the front row, cheering on his boy, made me dream of what might have been.
Sure, it could have killed the Bengals not just this season, but for some time. Having nothing but old receivers was one of the many factors that took the Raiders from a Super Bowl team, to the joke they are now. Obviously, the Bengals wouldn’t hinge their hopes on JaMarcus Russell, but you never know.
To think of what chaos could have ensued throughout the season, is beyond imagination. Those two together….
It could have also lead to some short term success.
We’ll never know.
What we do know, is Dancing With The Stars is weird. Everything in my body is telling me to turn the channel. Then, I see some hot chick in a tiny little dress dancing around. It’s ABC, and I know I’m not gonna see anything great, but yet I watch. Then they show a montage of Erin Andrews in Workout gear. Tight, workout gear, and she’s dancing too. Spinning, and dancing, and then I ask, how the hell did I not watch this before?
Yet, the thrill only lasts about 4 minutes, then we listen to some English buttholes talk about how “splendid” or “enchanting” or “dreadful” someone was at Dancing, and then you can’t turn it off fast enough.
Maybe the biggest problem I have with reality television shows is, the fact that they all have English people telling us how stupid we are. In reality, there is nothing that the English are better than us at, except maybe Buggery. Yet, there they are, on every show, critiquing our every move, our clothes, or food, you name it, they yell at us about it.
Perhaps the one thing tha stood out besides the hot chicks, was how bad the “stars” are at Dancing. It seemed to me, that the goal of the actual dancers, is to spin around, and be so flashy, as to completely distract us from the fact the “stars” are mainly just standing there.
A female “star” wears lots of frilly things, and bright colors, and lets the dancing dude spin her around, and we lose track of the fact that she sucks at dancing.
When the dude “stars” are there, the hot chick just circles him over, and over, like when Super man reversed the rotation of the earth, and you never notice the gay “star” can’t dance.
It’s really genius if you think about it. For the guys watching, the building could be on fire, and they would never know it if there is a scantily clad hottie dancing all over the place. The same theory is used by chicks who are slightly above average when they go to bars with friends. As long as they are dressed up, and look good in dim light, and then surround themself with fat chicks, all the guys at the bar think they are 10’s.
It’s amazing television, and now I have to go kill myself.

My New Favorite Team

March 22, 2010

(Next to the Buckeyes, that is)
The Cornell, whatever’s, are my new favorite team!
Those smart, bastards, have stolen my heart.
Not because of their play on the court, no, they completely jacked my bracket on that one, and next to Kansas, I hate can think of no team I hate more. The reason I am making the Cornell Nerds, or stockbrokers, or whatever the hell they are called my new team, is because of what they do after the game.
After their first round win, they had a little surprise waiting for the press pool.
They had previously held a team bet, and the loser would have to field a reporters first post-game question, and then answer it with something that made no sense what-so-ever to the question asked.
Classic, dickheadedness, and from nerds.
The best part is, the entire team was in on it. No matter who got the first question, they had to pull it off. And that they did.
Being huge nerds, they could not settle for just good enough, or as CBS would term it “One Shining Moment”.
No, they had to do it again.
After they killed everyones bracket, by beating a surging Wisconsin team, who oh by the way was the only Big Ten Team in the tourney, to not make the sweet 16 (the author does not recognize Minnesota as a big ten team in anything but hockey, in which the big ten does not exist).
Anywho, they kept it going. The teams star (the black guy) was to bust out a quote from the movie ‘Friday Night Lights’, even though it was not only corny, but it had little to do with the question asked.
When another retarded, and unsuspecting reporter asked another retarded question, they got a few words of post game expectedness, followed by “after this it’s nothing but babies, and memories”.
Most of the press pool, just stood there and smiled, figuring the Cornell Nerds had something smart, and they didn’t get it, but they were just gonna roll with it. The rest, laughed out loud, and for sports reporters, that’s almost like an orgasm.
It rarely happens.
The point is, even though, they destroyed my bracket, and my pride, Cornell is my favorite non-Buckeye team.
Not because they are good at Basketball, nor because I want to see a Cinderella story, simply because they are smart people, playing mind games with the rest of us.
Outside of that, go Buckeyes.


March 19, 2010

What a ride the first round of the NCAA tourney has been.
Upsets, total collapses, and unthinkable blow-outs.
And, it’s not even over.
As we reach the final games, of the first round, we get a chance to catch our breath, pay our tab, and take stock of all that has gone down.
The Big East, once again decided not to show up in full force. Once again, the best conference in Basketball, fell flat on it’s face in round one. Sure, they have a couple big guns left, but once again, the damage has been done. Let’s all try to remember this next winter, when we all get carried away at how much better they are than every other conference.
The Mid-majors, have shown up, including the MAC. I knew something was brewing when everywhere I looked Wednesday, people were wearing Ohio University green. I thought it was just a coincidence, but it turns out, everyone knew something I didn’t, even though they apparently didn’t pick it in their bracket.
I’m doing okay. Maybe the worst ever first day, as far as losses go, but for every loss I had, an upset took out my competition, and kept my sweet 16 in tact, which is what matters.
The sad thing is, since there are maybe 2 teams with a real probability of winning it all, and 3 with a lesser chance, and 4 teams with a “miracle” chance, and everyone else has no chance, and everyone knows this, picking Cornell in round the round of 64 could be the difference in a lot of pools.
So we’ll wait and see if I get any cash this year. I’m right there, but so is everyone else who picked Kansas, and my fate lies in the hands of teams like Wisconsin.
CBS, has knocked it out of the park so far. Great coverage, which is hard to do, when 3 games are all down to the wire, with less than 2 minutes to play. So far, even if you are watching at home, the ole fashioned way, you still get to see all the finishes, and then some.
I do have beef with what’s going on in the OSU game. Yeah, they are blanketing Evan Turner, but some of his, and the Buckeye’s best games have been when teams have taken that approach. Let him get 15 assists, and then bag a quick dozen or so points in snooze-time.
What bother’s me, is the commentator’s. I know it’s the fourth game they’ve done today, but come on guy’s, keep it together.
In the span of about 4 minutes real life time, we heard in reference to Dallas Lauderdale “He’s a State, and a City” followed by, “I get it, you’re right, he is”.
I used to rock Geography, but grade school was a long time ago, which is a state again, Dallas, or Lauderdale?
They did redeem themselves’, when they were talking about John Diebler being from Upper Sandusky Ohio, and they said it was where ‘Tommy Boy’ came from. They even threw in a Big Tom Callahan shout out, to win back my heart. Any reference to Tommy Boy, or Big Tom Callahan, is good with me, even if they were both from regular Sandusky, which on a map, is way more upper than Upper Sandusky.
So keep up the good work guy, we’re counting on you.
The rest of you, our brackets are all screwed too, so relax.
However, I do hope you all had Georgetown beating the Buckeye’s.
I could use a little extra cash for fishing season, and trash talking season as well.

According to the commercials on tv, everything is going to be perfect now.
I took the 10 minutes, and filled out the Census. Now, all I have to do, is sit back and wait for the awesomeness. Soon, I will have my own hospital, an awesome school, and other amazing gifts from the U.S. Government, all because I filled out some form. According to the commercials, people of every race will soon be celebrating on my sidewalk, which will mean I have to move before I get to enjoy my new hospital, or meet my new congressman. Television, does not lie, and I know the Government would never lie to me, so now that I have filled out my Census form, everything will be like a fairy tale.
It’s already paying off. My Cable, and internet, are running on all cylinders. Some of the lesser known HD channels, that are usually garbled, are nice and clear. So if I get up in the middle of the night, and feel like buying crap from the shopping channels, but need to see the crap in HD first, I’m set.
Sadly, the Census form was not enough to get Brad the cable guy to give me free channels. Apparently, that is all controlled back at HQ. I offered him beer, just to see if he was bluffing, and he was not. No free channels for me.
Oh well, I guess the Census can’t do everything for me. I just hope now that they know 3 people live in my 3 bedroom house in the suburbs of Columbus, and they decide I need a new hospital, that it comes with HD Cinemax, and Showtime, and I can watch it there.
The good news is, after seeing what the hell the Census was going to ask me, I can rest assured knowing the Government is wasting enough money trying to find out how many of us are mexican.
I have to admit, it was a little disappointing. I mean, this was a Census after all. One would think it would ask more than “are you Mexican”?. After all, wasn’t it a Census that lead Joseph and Mary to Bethlehem, and then jesus was born? I was hoping for something miraculous like that, or a section where I could tell those fat cats in Washington what I think of them.
There was some good news. After about 3 seconds of reading the Census, a first time filler-outer like myself discovered there was no way they could trace back to who filled it out, nor did it mean anything worth a damn. That’s when I decided to have some fun.
Once I realized the whole purpose was to find out how many Mexicans were living in my house, I went to town.
One of the questions was “Is anyone else staying at your house, not listed in question 1?” Well, since Brad the Cable guy was there way longer than he said he was, and I was filling it out, I checked yes, and then filled out Brad the Cable guy on page 3. I figure, even if he doesn’t actually live here, why not let him enjoy my future hospital?
They don’t really specify how long you have to be “away”, to mark down that you stay somewhere else. In the past year, I’ve “stayed” in 3 hotel rooms, and at least 2 other houses, plus fell asleep on someones couch for a few hours. According to the Government, I may or may not own 6 vacation houses. After all, I did stay there. 
They also ask some pretty stupid questions. For instance, my wife, and I (according to the Census) are both women, and white. Our biological son, is a dude, and Native American (He’s 2, he has no idea there is any country other than America, so obviously he’s a native). I figure our government can blow at least a quarter mil trying to figure that out.
I do take offense to how simple they make me feel for being simply white.
Black people get Black, Afro-American, and Negro. Latino’s get all kind of options. White people, just plain white.
There is like 15 kinds of asian, 20 kinds of latino, which some according to baseball’s categorizing inter-twines with black/negro/african american.
One for white.
What would the IRA, say? What if you survived the holocaust, and you, according to the U.S. government, are shuffled into the same category as say…Nazi’s, all because of the color of your skin? Can a Welsh/German dude get some love?
I kind of feel like an outcast. I feel like I am being singled out, and even though I am so much more, they try to simplify my life by naming me white. Even on St. Paddy’s day, I’m just white. A number. Pale ole me.
Hopefully, someday I will be a minority, and can exploit this, and make some sweet cash.
Until then, I’ll just be a white dude (or according to the Census a chick)
with finely running internet, fully operational HD cable, and a soon t be built hospital, right next to an awesome school for my 13 Mexican kids right across the street. I figure by the time they build me my hospital, that the commercial told me I would be getting, they can run most of my neighbors off.
After all, they’re all just white’s anyway.

Whether it be some divine power, or Time Warner Cable actually came through, I now have internet at home again.
Normally, the loss of something so simple for a few days is no big deal. I can just go to the office etc. etc. The internet is almost everywhere. However, the timing of this latest internet service collapse has been devastating. I’ve had way too much going on, that when I do go into the office, it’s to grab what I need, get everybody going where they need to go, and then I too am gone. The only time I’ve had to even fire up the laptop, has been after the D-man goes down for the night. Of course, when that happens, there is no internet, and any of my neighbors whose wireless signal is strong enough for me to pirate off of, is now password protected.
There was one brief moment of hope. Monday, I called Time Warner, and went through the whole mess of trying to get someone to come fix whatever is wrong with our internet, and cable. They said someone could come out between 3:00, and 5:00. I said I would be there, and when they asked for what phone number to call, the red flags went up. The last time, instead of calling my cell number, they called the number on our account, which is my wife’s cell phone, and thus not answered when they called. So when i gave them my number, I made it very clear that I would be there from 3-5, and there was no need to call.
Five o’clock came and went, and I started devising a plan to destroy Time Warner Cable. Of Course, my wife got home, noticed she had a message on her cell phone (the number on our account, the one I told them not to call, and that there was no reason to call since I would make sure I was home). It of course was Time Warner, stating that since nobody was answering the cell phone that they were not supposed to call (even though they didn’t need to call) they were not going to come, and we would need to call back, go through the whole rigmarole gain, and set up a new time. Seeing how my wife and I have full time jobs, a young son, several showings in our house, and I had evening appointments all week, Time Warner could not have shafted me any harder.
Instead of actually showing up during the two hour window they said they would, they just decided that since nobody was answering the wrong number, they’d error on the side of incompetence, and not show up.
How any company that struggles so hard to reliably provide the most basic service, let alone their ineptness at fixing a problem, can not only stay in business, but thrive during economic turmoil, is beyond me.
Of all the parts of our basic infrastructure, how is it that the Cable company has the hardest time being there for me?
Not once has my water ever gone out. Some of the water lines that lead to my house, have to be pretty old, compared to Time Warner’s cable’s, yet, I’ve always had as much water as I could ask for.
Never once has my sewer even been slow. I poop, it vanishes.
Even the electric has been top notch. People have crashed into poles, cut wires, even a damned hurricane came through here, and yet the power has rarely gone out for more than an hour or so, and never once during March Madness.
Here I sit, dreaming of the day, where I can finally move way out into the country, where Time Warner Cable has no chance at ruining my day.
Until then, I’ll just keep praying that my internet and cable actually work, and that the rotten bastard from Time Warner actually shows up tonight between 6:00 and 8:00, or at least calls the right damned phone.
If this is the last blog, it’s pretty safe to say I went on a shooting spree in the headquarters of a cable giant.
God Speed.

So in Love

March 9, 2010

I really don’t know why it has taken me this long to accept it, but I am in Love.
I’ve fallen. Head over ass. I saw it coming two years ago, but I had been burned in the past. Last year, I started to give in, but I resisted in the end. There was just too much going on in my life.
Now, I am proud to say, I am in Love with Evan Turner.
The Villan. The Extra terrestrial. Whatever you want to call him, he’s the man. Sure, it sounds a little gay. But if being gay means you get to see the Buckeyes entire season pulled off the scrap pile, and a Big ten title, then color me Brian Boytano. Put on some Kanye West music, pour me an appletini, and let’s do this.
Evan Turner is awesome. I dare say he, if he continues to improve at the same rate he has the last two years, will be the best Buckeye basketball player of my lifetime, not just in College, but in the NBA as well. Sure, Jimmy Jackson was amazing in College, and had a solid Pro career, and yes, I did got to Ken Johnson’s house once, and did oversee the repairs to the elevator in Michael Redd’s house, and yes, I did see some chick at the grocery store who was wearing the Jay Burson Halo, but they are all mere mortal’s compared to ‘The Villan’, Evan Turner. Not even Kosta Kufo’s was as good as him, and don’t get me started on B.J. Mullens.
Actually, with the exception of JJ, and Redd, it is offensive to put those other names in with Turner.
He can play 4 positions really well. On defense, he’s the man, he can get steals at the top of the key, or make a block down low. At any time, he can take over, and win the game by himself. The real kicker however, is how he makes the rest of the team not only not suck, but actually kind of good. David Lighty, actually is pretty sweet when Evan Turner is there. John Diebler, is actually a scoring threat with Turner around. William Buford, is no longer a liability, but a guy who can light you up for 20 on any given night. As long as the Villain is around
. The Buckeyes, though they have zero depth, and no real post presence, are actually a pretty good team with Evan Turner behind the wheel.
One can only dream about what things will be like if he stays one more year.
I know there is zero chance of him staying one more season, nor should he, but a boy can dream. His progression from season to season is un-real. As a freshman, he showed flashes of brilliance, and was a steady starter. Last season, he stepped it up several notches, switched positions mid-way through, and carried the entire team on his back. This season, he blew away all expectations, and all the competition. Even though he broke his back early in the year, he managed to come back, as the hands down best player in College basketball. He’s a lock to be drafted in the top 2, so there really isn’t much for him to improve on, except maybe to try and win back to back player of the year trophies, a national title, or maybe Big Ten Player Of The Week, every single week. As opposed to every other week this year.
Thanks to Evan, the buckeyes went from a team destined for NIT at best, to actually having a shot at a #1 seed in the big dance.
Sadly, retardation still shines through as far as the awards go. Evan was the run-away winner of the Big Ten Player of the Year award, but somehow didn’t get a vote from every coach in the conference. Now, I know a coach may want to give a nod to a senior on his squad who has worked hard, or blah, blah, blah. Turner has won more Big Ten Player-o-the week awards this season alone, than any conference player has ever won, in their entire career. The gap between Evan, and the second best player in the conference, is so vast, it isn’t even funny. think of any other Big Ten player who is even remotely close to Turner, and then watch them head to head. To give credit to anyone but Turner, is a joke.
Also a pretty funny joke, the Big Ten coaches once again held OSU’s dominance against them. Even though these same coaches picked the Buckeyes to finish 5th in the league (which they ended up winning outright), Thad Matta got no love for coach of the year (the media was smart enough in this category). Like Jim Tressell, who has yet to win a conference coach of the year, Matta seems to get passed over because he works for the big bad Buckeye’s, and Purdue’s coach, even though they were picked to win it outright, and fell short of OSU, won the award.
Once again, another example of why we should do away with these awards, until people who actually have a brain can vote for them.
So instead of sulking, or really even caring about stupid Big Ten awards, I’ll just sit back and watch Evan Turner, and Thad Matta, roll through the conference tourney.

The Audacity to Hope

March 9, 2010

Not to steal any thunder from whichever publishing company lackie came up with the title of our current President’s book, but I can think of no better title for this moment, even if it is very close to another famous title.
No, I have not fallen in love with rhetoric, or extreme liberal idealism, or even with how well someone can read what someone else writes, off of a teleprompter. I’m talking about something that actually matters.
The future of the Cincinnati Reds.
Yesterday, Aroldis Chapman, made his debut with the Redlegs.
The Cuban defector, who had everyone watching, brought it.
I’ve now watched the Reds.com video of his first spring training outing, as well as some youtube videos, and I am hooked.
I am officially a believer in true form.
This guy is the savior.
Soon, the Reds will be good enough to almost make the playoffs. Good enough to keep me interested all summer long. Good enough to not get mathematically eliminated until almost a week left in the season.
Maybe not good enough to win it all, God knows by the time this dude is at full strength, they will have a grocery list of problems in other areas, but I’ll take what I can get.
I spent the whole day stressing over rumors of the Bengals interest in T.O, and lesser interest in Brandon Marshall, then Mr. Chapman, saved my day.
After watching the debacle that was the first game for the Reds in their new spring home against their roommates the Cleveland Indians, the only thing I was excited about, was our announcers.
Now however, I have hope.
Still a glimmer of hope (even though I know better) that my Bengals can somehow realize that the best receiver in the league, who is in his prime, is worth every bit of the 21st over-all pick, and needs to be brought in, as opposed to T.O., but that matters very little right now.
We got ourselves a Cuban here people, and he’s everything I dreamed of.
Lets enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully, he can take us to the promised land of the almost playoff’s, before Dusty works his arm to death, or he does a Big-ben and gets addicted to date raping people.
Until then, I’m gonna dream of the future, because it is just a little brighter today.
God Bless Cuba!