I’m with Tebow

January 27, 2010

With the exception of Greg Oden’s wang, the “Big” story today, was the news about a commercial set to air during the Super Bowl, starring Tim Tebow.
this of course, has caused an uproar.
Not from fans of one of Tebow’s rivals, but from the retard-o-nation, because Tim had the audacity to take part in a “Pro Life” Commercial. Most of the uproar is over the fact that this is a “Pro Life” commercial, but if it was just any old commercial, and didn’t star Tim Tebow, we would never hear anyone complain.
It’s way more offensive if someone famous takes part in it.
Lets break this down real quick.
First off, I’m with Tebow on this one. Anyone who knows me, knows that I’ve always been a huge Tim Tebow fan. Okay, not so much a huge fan, but I got him on this one.
The commercial in question, tells the tale of an expecting mother, who was having complications with the pregnancy, and was experiencing serious health problems from this. Her Doctor’s advised her to terminate the pregnancy. Because of her faith, this was not an option. In her words “she put it in Gods hands.”
She had the baby, they both survived, and the kid grew up to become Tim Tebow.
That’s pretty much the story in the commercial.
The message is very much “pro life”, but never actually says anything about how a woman should not have a right to make her own choice.
In fact, that’s kind of what Tebow’s mom did, she made a choice.
It’s not about abortion, it’s about life. It’s not as black and white as what the people who are fired up about this would make it out to be. Obviously, the message is no info-mercial for abortion, it’s about life.
Despite what the protestor’s who think this is the worst thing ever say, Pro-life, and Pro-choice can exist together.
Someone can believe in a Woman’s right to choose, and be “Pro-life”.
Just as someone who is Pro-choice, might not necessarily become addicted to having abortions.
If someone wants to have an abortion, that’s their call, but what the message is trying to say is how wonderful life really is.
Think how bad Florida would have sucked these past 3 seasons if Mrs. Tebow did get that abortion. Mark Richt might not be on the verge of getting fired. Phillip Fulmer would still have a job, and urban Meyer would be coaching the Raiders.
It’s a crazy world.
The thing about the Tolerant-Nazi’s who are completely intolerant of anyone who’s thoughts are different than theirs is, they just don’t get it.
How is the world going to end, if a guy of Faith, wants to speak his message for 30 seconds?
Just as the folks who stand outside CBS headquarters, demanding they not air this commercial have a right to their views, Tebow has a right to his as well.
Whether you love him, or hate him, it’s a good story, and just because he tells it, does not mean any women are going to be forced to have babies.
If some poor little kid thinks they are going to see a football game, and gets exposed to this commercial, I doubt they are going to go blow up an abortion clinic.
If they do, go ahead and blame Tebow.
I got your back Tim, even though you suck at throwing footballs.


2 Responses to “I’m with Tebow”

  1. Disgruntled Reds Fan said

    Tim needs some support, seeing how after the senior bowl this week he’s gonna prepare for his next career, being the most famous tour guide in the Florida alumni office.

  2. Tim said

    Thanks, I think?

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