Best Ever

January 25, 2010

It’s often debated, who is the Best Quarterback of all-time.
If it came down to one game, I’ve always been in the Montana/Steve Young (before the 30 concussions) camp. I think now, I’ve changed my mind.
Peyton Manning, is the greatest quarterback of all-time.
he is one bad dude.
No offense to Steve Young, he’ll still be my second pick, and Joe Montana was a turd anyway.
I saw what the Jets defense did to otherwise good quarterbacks. That dude picked them apart. No matter what they threw at them, he saw it coming, called the play to beat it, and put the pass right on the money.
Darelle Revis, the” greatest cover corner of all-time?”
Not a factor.
The dude is like a football throwing, play-calling robot. Everything he does, is perfect.
Not only does he execute nearly flawlessly, he also calls the plays. Every play.
I hate to say it, but he is the best.
I hated Peyton for some time. His Citrus Bowl heroics started this whole Buckeyes-v-the SEC mess. He broke my heart.
I took joy watching his Volunteers lose that one key game that killed their title hopes.
I laughed at loud when I saw his face when they said the words…”Charles Woodson, Michigan” at the Heisman ceremony.
I found peace whenever the Patriots found a way to take him down.
The dude just kept getting better though.
And now, I have to say, he is the greatest.

It would be nice, to see guys like Peyton Manning, and Drew Brees at the Pro-Bowl.
Instead, we have a vast assortment of whichever guy didn’t have anything better to do, and for some reason wanted to go to Miami the week before the Super Bowl.
It’s not that I like the Pro Bowl, but it is the last football, of any kind for a long, long time, so I usually watch a little. I’d root for the AFC, even though there usually aren’t any Bengals.
Those days are gone.
In what is quickly proving to be a horrible decision, the NFL Pro-Bowl has not only broke ties with Hawaii, but also it’s ever reliable slot on the Sunday after the Super Bowl.
Now, it’s all falling apart.
The players don’t want to go. It used to be that Players, no matter how their season ended, looked forward to going to Hawaii. They would pay for family, teammates, and old coaches to come and join them, as they were recognized for their greatness, in paradise.
Now, they’re running out of excuses to not go to Miami.
it used to be, only the seriously injured would not go, they would delay any “unnecessary” surgeries until after the Pro Bowl.
Now, they’re scheduling surgeries just for fun.
Whats the motivation, for guys like Brett Pussy-Fvarte to go to the Pro-Bowl this year? He’s pissed off about ruining his teams Super Bowl chances…again, and too sore from his wounds to get on a plane, and go to Miami, so he can practice.
Plus, it’s in Miami this year. No knock on Miami, but whenever anyone is talking about how amazing their Hawaiian vacation was, nobody tries to one up it with stories about running into homeless people, or fat Europeans dudes in thongs in Miami.
Hawaii is Hawaii. Every NFL guy has been to Miami a dozen times.
Plus, what happens when the Super Bowl goes back to Detroit?
Do we have to try and watch a Pro Bowl where the staring QB’s are Jamarcus Russell and Alex Smith?
I’d still probably watch, but only to see if anyone gets shot in Detroit.


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