January 20, 2010

In case you aren’t closely following the Massachusetts Senate “special election” race, here’s the Cliff’s Notes version.
It was pretty much all but decided, that a Democrat would take over the Senate seat left when Teddy Kennedy bought the farm. At first, the only question was would that Democrat be a close relative of his? Or would it just be a regular Democrat? Either way, there was pretty much no way a Republican was going to take over Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat.
Then this dude, a republican dude, named Scott Brown, gains a little momentum. The most likely cause, is that his name is Scott Brown. Half the people in Massachusetts think they either went to High School with this dude, or used to live by him. His name is Scott Brown, which I think did used to be my old neighbor’s name.
Then, the race starts to get a little closer, a little tighter, but everyone is still certain the Dems’ will win. This is Massachusetts after all.
Then, in the final days, after Scott Brown had gotten into striking distance, although he still trailed by as much as 17 points in some polls, with just over a week to go, the Democrat’s roster filler Martha Coakley looked to seal the deal. All she had to do was show up, stay legally alive, and win. It’s Massachusetts after all.
And then, something crazy happened.
The only thing Massachusetter’s love more than liberalism, is the Patriots, Celtics, and most importantly, the Red Sox (Beer & Whiskey also fit right up there).
Well when Red Sox curse snapper, and die hard Republican Curt Schilling joined Browns team, everything started to change.
First, you had the Boston Sports fans who knew a vote for a Republican wouldn’t hurt anybody, and switched to Browns side as a thank you to Schilling for the whole bloody sock thing.
Then you had the diehards, who only care about sports, and will do anything Curt Schilling or Tom Brady tell them to.
Then, Martha Coakley opened her mouth. When faced with the question about ‘what she thought about Curt Schilling endorsing the republican brown, she went all “ignorant politician”. Instead of actually knowing who Curt Schilling is, and what he means to Bosox fans, she went the other route. Instead of downplaying the whole thing, or even hinting she may not actually know who Curt Schilling was, she did the worse thing possible.
She decided, that she would try to “play to the common man” and fire up the Red Sox faithful all at once and reply by saying “he’s another Yankee fan”, all his supporters are Yankee’s fans.”
The damage was done.
Little did she know, that Curt Schilling was the guy with the Bloody sock, who lead the Red SOx back from the dead against the Yankees, and then went on to replicate the act while winning the world series. Bringing joy to all of New England.
So by calling him a “Yankee fan”, not only did she piss off every Red Sox fan in Massachusetts (which is like 99.3% of the population), she also revealed the fact that she has no idea who any of the Red Sox players are, nor did she care, and also showed that she was “playing down to the populus”.
Well, in case you missed it, the polls swung anywhere from 9-20 points in a little over a week, depending on which poll. Brown went on to win, and Coakley, is even being laughed at by Bill Buckner right now.
It wa never even supposed to be a game. All she had to do, was pick the ball up, step on first, and head to Washington.
It went right through her legs.


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