What Now?

January 13, 2010

So how do I do it? How do I press on?
It’s not that I expected the Bengals to win it all, or even make the Super Bowl. I just wanted to see one playoff win. I was like 10 the last time it happened. It would have been nice to drink a beer after watching my team win a playoff game. God knows the Reds won’t be giving me that honor any time soon.
Even knowing they weren’t gonna win it all, it’s still hard. Not only are they done for the year, but now I have to listen to mindless bastards who’ll say things like “they weren’t really that good anyway” or “they took advantage of a weak schedule”.
For most of the year, they were good. And now, they’re gone.
Worse yet, the Blue Jackets are playing just well enough to not be the worst team in Hockey, and God only knows when Time Warner Cable will let me Access FSN OH in HD. It’s “unavailable” every single night.
So what am I to do. It’s too early to convince myself that the Reds will be .500 this season, although I do think this is the year they finally do it. Even after they signed the Cuban defector, I’m still finding it hard to get excited.
It’s too cold to do much outside. My son hates his snow boots, and has yet to discover how awesome it is to build snow forts. I of course am borderline too old to build snow forts by myself, so I’ll be waiting at least another year for that.
Even though Evan Turner is back, the Basketball Buckeyes will still only be a first weekend tourney team, and I know it.
My house is for sale, so any major time consuming remodeling projects are unwise at this time. It’s too cold to start building the new house anyway, and I have a bunch of permits I still have to file.
What am I to do?
Should I step up, and do something involving charity work? Should I devote my time to others? Maybe learn to speak another language?
The NBA regular season is horrible, and I’d rather remove one of my testicles than watch that mess.
When does the WNBA start?
This really could be the winter of my discontent.


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