Larry Legend

November 19, 2009

Is this Larry Johnson thing really happening. I made a joke when Benson went down, that Larry Johnson’s agent was already staging a contract holdout with the Bengals. Sadly, this may actually be true.
It went from rumor, to maybe, to a done deal in about a day and a half.
So I guess LJ is a Bengal. All there is left to do is wait and see if he’s really washed up, or broke down, or if he was really just that pissed off in KC.
At the very least, he’s got a much better line blocking for him, and instead of worrying about finishing last, he’s on a playoff team.
Of course, he coud really be worn out, and that much of a shithead. Looks like we’ll all find out soon enough, as the Bengals take on a daunting challenge the next three weeks. Oakland, Cleveland, and Detroit. Murderer’s row.
The old Bengals would lose at least one of these games. So we’ll see.

I do have some personal interests tied up on this one. I have an all-Bengals fantasy football team (unwise, but they won the Championship the first year I did it, so I’m playing with house money) and I really have been counting on Bernard Scott taking the reigns at some point in the season. Don’t get me wrong, I love Benson, and hope he comes back strong, but I do wanna see Scott get some carries. Partly because he may end up being awesome, and partly because I am the only person in the world with him on their fantasy team.
I suppose I could always trade for LJ, just to be safe, but my money is on Bernard.


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