July 31, 2009

Today, I was, or maybe was not confronted by someone from my past. Obviously, this guy knew me, so he had to have technically been from my past, but since I’m not 100% sure who this was, I say maybe. This person, I kind of recognized, but at the time I had no idea who it was, approached me, and said my name. Being a friday, and being that I did not know this guy for certain, and if I did, didn’t like him. He said my name twice, then asked me if I was who i actually am. Of course, I said no. He proceeded to tell me how much I look like this guy he knows (me). I told him I get that all the time, and have been told I look like a wide range of people. One time in particular this chick told me I looked like the guy who played Rudy. I then cried the rest of the day. Anywho, this guy, who I was slowly starting to realize who he was, or may have been, insisted I was who he thought I was, which of course was me. If he was who I thought he was, I had no desire to talk to him anyway, one cause he’s a total trainwreck of a person, and two, it’s Friday. So yeah, I pretended to not be me, which happens about every 8 months or so, and is hillarious. I didn’t owe this guy money or anything, just don’t particularly like him, assuming he was who I thought. So if you have approached me in the past, and I pretended to not be me, sorry. You should have held me down, and looked at my drivers license, to confirm my existance. It’s nice to be not in anyway important, so you can pull off the “You got the wrong guy” move. Recently I had Delino Deshields do this very thing to me. Unlike Delino, I only get asked this about once or twice a year. We must have asked him 30 times that night, if he was Delino Deshields. He managed to deny it the whole time. So well done me, and even more well done Delino. I finally have someone to look up to.
A free case of beer for anyone who guesses the guy who thought I was me. Here’s the hints.

Went to EHS, but may not have graduated there, or anywhere. Was supposed to be in the class of ’97, but may have been held back a time or two. Served a good deal of time behind bars. Is surprisingly alive still. He was a bad person, by all standards.

Happy hunting!


Chris beats a phobia!

July 30, 2009

Today, I stepped it up a notch, and overcame sheer terror, and broke free from the shackles of phobia. All my life, I have been terrified of riding on an escalator while wearing sandals, or flip-flops. Today, I rode the shit out of an escalator, while wearing flops. I’ve never been so proud. Sure, the urine puddle I left behind likely shorted out the whole unit, but I got it done. I am a free man. Next up, my fear of the bastard alien movie E.T. I have no plans on watching it, or hearing that creepy them song, but I know I’ll be strong, if I ever have to. I am a man!

Call it what you will, but the term Beer Summit seems to be what the media is going with, so we’ll follow suit. I beileve the term Beer summit, has no place here, and should notbe taken lightly. The term “Beer Summit” should only be used for an occassion of the greatest beer drinking magnitude, a showdown between two raging alchie’s, or a gathering of guys who own really famous breweries, not for 4 guys nursing beers in a backyard.
Much has been debated about race, society, and now beer in all of this. This being the arrest of the black harvard professor. I’ve decided it’s time to get to the bottom of all this, once and for all.

Is this an act of Racism? Does this reveal the current state of race realtions in America? Does this show us anything about descrimination, or police profiling? Is beer the greatest negotiating tool since sex? The answers, in order are No, No, No, No, and yes. Sorry America, Hooray Beer.
This is a touchy subject, but lets dive in head first. Yes, it is unfortunate, that anyone gets arrested for breaking into their own house, even though that’s not what the original arrest was for. However, both parties involved in the original act, can accept blame, but I’m going to play jury and solve this sucka.
Based on what I’ve read, and it is quite a bit, as the Reds are now completely un-watchble, and I sat for 45 minutes getting an oil change, and read USA Today. I read an account, from both Professor Gates (whom we will refer to as either Black Dude, or Professor), and the cop Whom we will refer to as Cop), based on their words. Here’s what went down. Some chick was driving by, and saw two dudes forcing open a door in a house, and then going inside. A few robberies had taken place of recent, in this area that she knew about. She calls 911. I can buy this, just playing it safe. Cop arrives, sees black dude, who is pissed off, inside said house, since he either lost his key, or it didn’t work, and he just got back from the airprot, and may have contracted swine flu. Black dude sees him. They lock eyes. Black dude claims “his hair stood up on the back of his neck” (He has wrote several famous pieces on race in America). Cop had heartburn from Dunkin Donuts Coffee (It is Mass.) Black dude opens door (sans force) and is pissed off. Cop acts all Coppish. Black dude gets real pissed, tosses him his I.D. (Black dude claims it was his drivers license with his address, Cop claims it was a Harvard ID badge, no address) Cop can’t bend over to look at it, from all the Dunkin Donuts (they have one on every block near Boston) Cop, who thinks he has walked in on a burglary in progress, does not want to enter the house, as the 911 call reported 2 men entering the house. (The Professor’s driver was the other dude, he already left, most likely to go to DunkinDonuts) Cop asks Black Dude to step out onto the porch. Black dude claims all his years of studying race, and police profiling were coming to fruition”right on my front porch” Black dude says “I’ll meet your mama on my porch” Cop gets pissed, black dude, even more so. lack dude again refuses to step outside, more cops arrive, pissed they had to leave the Dunkin Donuts 90 feet down the street. Screaming ensues, and what could have been easily handled, is now a full blown race issue, and national news.
Here’s the deal. I respect cops, at least those who do their job the way they are meant to. They face unknown dangers every day, and too many cops have died because they let their guard down, or they allowed themselves to get into a situation they could not control. Now, cops who sit, completely avoiding the whole “protect and serve” thing, and try to make a few quick traffic stops, on people who are barely breaking a law, or are otherwise to threat to anyone, are the lowest forms of life on earth. I recently witnessed someone very close to me getting pulled over at night, by a small town cop, with a Clint Eastwood complex, for doing nothing at all. It was after 11 at night, so the cop was looking for a quick DUI arrest, and maybe a joint bust or something even more lucrative. This person, had broken no laws (this cop claims he ran a stop sign, even though he stopped to wait for the car to his right to proceed). The cop whipped past me, with no lights on, hauling ass, in a 25 MPH zone, in a sleepy little town. Within minutes, the cop had him out of the car, giving him sobriety tests, that had countless times been rules in-admissiblein many, many courts. I witnessed it all, as I had ninja crawled up to the scene, with a claw hammer at ready, just in case this cop tried to take it too far. This douche cop, ended up letting him go, as he had done nothing wrong, and he needed to get back to his hiding spot to catch other hard core criminals. Cops who act like this, should be tarred and feathered.

The Boston cop was not acting this way. He was not seaking out the situation. From all he knew, he was first on the scene of a crime, as someone had dialed 911, and someone was in this house, and they were not acting cool, and calm, like the owner of the house should. Black Dude, was just having a bad day, and it got way worse, way too quickly, but partly because of his actions. Cops need to be authority figures. When they tell you to do something, you still have to do it, fair or not. This is notprofiling, this is cops. Cops talk this way to white people too. When a cop asks you to step out onto the porch, you step out onto the porch. You don’t say "I’ll see your MaMaon the porch" This is what gets you arrested, not your skin color. Even though Black Dude was being a dick, he didn’t need to be arrested, but he pretty much painted the cop into the corner, and the cop did what cops do. Plain and simple. This is notracism. It’s pretty simple. If anything, it’s reverse racism. Lets say a white dude in a East St. louis says to a cop whom is on his porch, and asks him to step outside "I’ll see your mama on my porch" and then gets arrested. Lets not even consider what color this cops skin is. What is gonna happen? White guy is going to get arrested, post bail, show up to court, and pay a fine. No news stories, no debating, and sure as hell no Beer Summit’s. Simple as that. White guys not likely to get his charges dropped either. What happened, was a cop doing his job, confronting a pissed off dude, who insulted him, and refused to cooperate, and then used his power a little too much, and arrested the guy.
As for the Beer thing, I do like to see this. I’ve found there are few things in life that can’t either be settled, or improved when people sit down, and hash things out over beer. I’ve read that Obama had a Bud Light (good call) Black Dude had Sam Adams Light (well done sir) and Cop had a Blue Moon (very nice), and joe Biden had some NA beer. I’ve got to hand to to 3 of the 4 men for their choices in suds. All 3 are beers I would recommend to anyone.
So here’s what we learned.
This was not racism, this was one dude having a bad day, and another guy not only walking into this bad day, but helping to make it worse for everyone.
People throw racism out way too often. There is real racism out there, you don’t have to look too hard to find it. This was a case where had it even been a not famous black dude, no would would be crying racism on the news. I don’t pretend to know what it’s like to face discrimination, I’m white. As a white dude, who makes good money, and pays good taxes, I however don’t have people looking out for me. I can’t cry racism, I’m on my own. That being said, I do know a thing or two about cops, and can say this fits easily into the cop being a cop thing, much more than racism.
Was this unfortunate? yes. However, I hope this will open new doors into the realm of beer relations, and both parties can go on with their live’s, and neither has to find themself in a situation like this again. I’ve actually read one of Professor Gates books, or at least part of it. He is a smart dude, and he’ll get over this, and use it to teach lessons to others.
The two most important things we’ve learned, are that the White House has a pretty kick ass beer selection, from what I’ve seen. Four people, drinking 3.5 different beers, not bad at all. This could be one of the few things our government gets right. And of course, Joe Bidenshould be impeached, and sent to the far corner of the globe, for drinking fake beer. You can’t use the title "lunch pale Joe" and drink NA beer. You just can’t.

All alone

July 28, 2009

Once again, my son and I will be all alone. Totally un-supervised. We’ve done it before, and this time, we’re really gonna live it up. Now that I know I can keep a small child, and myself alive without anyone else around, I plan on throwing caution into the wind, and really living it up. I have yet to come up with a full schedule of events for the D man and myself, but one can only assume they include a lot of chicken wings, and sippy cups full of beer. He too will have a sippy cup, but I’ll just give him milk, or water. maybe beer, we’ll see if he’s a good boy or not. We of course will miss his mommy, but it’s only for a few days. I’ve promised to let him have a bunch of parties when he’s in High School, if he just sleeps in while I’m alone with him. Not sure he knew exactly what i was talking about, but I think he got the picture. The only thing that worries me is Cuisine. He’s an emotional rollercoaster when he gets home from daycare, ranging from super excited to see us, and the dog, to being really pissed off about having to come in. Usually a sippy, and some snacks calm him back down, and he can begin tearing the house to pieces. Our system is pretty solid. One of us keeps him occupied, holds off his hunger with just the right ammount of snacks, keeps him from killing the dog and other fun things, while the other gets everyones dinner ready. Most often, I do dinner, so being alone at this time, is the one time that is gonna keep me on my toes. I’ve got a pretty good idea on some quick meals for the two of us. This time, no grilling, or grill fires, and we should be all set. obviously the pizza dude will help us one night.
He’s been learning to use a fork, with mixed results. Some things he gets right away, others, not so much. The problem is, he now only wants to eat with the fork, and he kinda sucks at it. Things that just a week or so ago were being picked up with his fingers, and thusly shoved into his mouth, need to be stabbed at repeatedly with a little kid fork. Pretty much no matter what it is, he tries to fork it up. Take corn for example. Each individual kernel gets stabbed at, and with each miss, he gets more and more pissed off. This makes it interesting, but very entertaining to say the least. All I can ask for, is that over the course fo the next few days, he doesn’t become self aware, and turn the little kid fork on his master (me). So if no blogs show up after a week or so, I’ve been stabbed to death with a cute little fork, and the D Man is on the loose.

Will they ever learn

July 27, 2009

Today, I turned on ESPN radio, to find the mind blowing news, about Bud Selig considering re-instating Pete Rose. OMG! Can you believe it? The Hall of Fame inductions go on, and they talk about Pete Rose. Thats never happened before. Surely he’ll be managing the Reds again by the end of the week, I mean, they talked about it. Why else would they talk about? It’s not like there wasn’t anything truly amazing going on in Cooperstown New York this past weekend, I mean, they inducted maybe the best class ever. Ricky Henderson, Jim Rice, and a dead guy. Those are the biggest stars ever. I mean, I could see not giving it a second thought if this was something that happens each and every year at this time, but this is huge. We need to talk about it all day on the radio, open Sportscenter with it, and have it as a poll question. That’s the only sensible thing to do.
Seriously, the hall of fame, is a museum in a shitty NY town. Let Pete in. it’s not like he’s going to be managing the world series, or baby sitting your kids, it just baseball, and for that matter it’s just a museum.
Speaking of never learning. Go Get ’em Cubbies! Cubs fans, celebrate now, you’ve pretty much got the division locked up now. Yeah so what the Cards picked up Derosa, and Holliday, and Lugo, and I’m sure will get one more arm, but you guys just took the lead. It’s over. Theres no way they can catch you now. Last week you were a half game out, and now you’re all alone in first. The cardinals clearly blow, and you guys are awesome. Even with almost half the season left, there’s no way they can catch you now. They couldn’t even win a series against the Philadelphia Phillies. What have they done recently besides win the world series, you guys just swept the Cincinnati Reds, maybe the best team in baseball. Go crazy Cubs fans!

I know Rickey Henderson is retired, and already in the hall, but can we try and see if we can get him to come back and hit leadoff for the Reds? This is just painful to watch. I almost, not completely miss the days of…dare I say his name…Corey Patterson. O.K. maybe not that far, but our hitters suck, I’m done with Willy Tevaras. Pretty much the only reason to keep watching at this point, is to see if Joey Votto goes crazy again. I feel bad for this dude. The Reds ownership needs to step up, do the right thing, and either let Votto out of his contract, so he doesn’t have to waste away in Cincy the way Todd Helton did in Colorado, or at the least, let an elephant shit on the field again. At least that was exciting. I’m not sure how much more rebuilding I can take. I miss marge.

Twitter strikes back

July 23, 2009

Yes, there are similarities between blogs, such as this, and Twitter. Unlike Twitter, people can post nude pics/videos on Blogs, which pretty much end the debate right there. Blogs, and blog readers can be total douches, or absolute wastes of time, such as this one. However, blogs like this, are for people who like to have fun, have a few laughs, and just don’t take things too seriously, unlike Twitter, which from what I’ve seen is a breading ground for people who use OMG on a daily basis. I firmly believe using OMG, and not trying to be funny, is grounds for deportation. People can be total douchers on each medium, but this blog, in all it’s retarded glory, must not be compared to Twitter, even if you do live in Cincy. (????? yes you)
It seems that for every person I talk to about how gay Twitter is, there is one person who tries to convince me how great it is. One person to make jokes about it with me, and another to tell me about breaking sports news, or finding out that hot chicks are at a certain bar at 10:53 on a Thursday. I still believe with all my heart, Twitter will fail, or will destroy America, and yes it is totally gay. If you want a friend to know about hot chicks at 10:53 on a thursday, instead of Twittering about the occasion, you can do one of the following options. Either call, email, or text your friend to either come and take away, or scare off said hot chicks, or use these more traditional methods of communication to lure your friend in, once he is there, slip him a roofie, and have gay sex with him. if you see a group of hot chicks at one of your normal watering holes, and instead of approaching them, and making a move, your first thought is to Twitter about it, to alert other dudes, you are most assuredly gay, and are using said hot chicks, to bring guys to you. Save yourself the trouble, stop Twittering, come all the way out of the closet, and be these hot chicks rather flamboyant “gay friend”. All chicks want a gay friend. Every chick movie, and show has it set up to make regular women think they need to have a gay friend to be cool. Much like the ole Joe camel adds that got kids to smoke. Same premise.
If you want sports updates, follow tese steps. Either build a sweet man-cave, get a highspeed universal wireless card in a laptop computer, a few HD flatscreens, and some beer. Sit, drink beer, turn on said devices, and enjoy. no Twitter. Or, go to a sports bar, and sit, at the bar, and of course drink.

I’ve been debating all day, just what I can do to personally end Twitter? I know I can do this, it may be why i was put on this planet. I just have yet to figure out exactly how. I’ve had a few thoughts though. I could start a Twitter account, and Twitter links to illegally taped peep-hole videos of famous people. That would make a big stir, and cause a legal nightmare for Twitter. If I post on enough accounts (all fake) it could end really bad for Twitter, but maybe for me also. I think I could go even farther, and Twitter some really offensive things. It’s gotta be worth a shot.
I’ve also thought about just Twittering so much mindless stupidity, so much crap, that people see the light, and lose interest. It’s like at a party, when someone gets so drunk, and makes such an ass of them-self, it ruins the whole night, and everyone goes home. I could be just that stupid on Twitter, that I could bring it down. However, this same thought process kind of lead to this blog, and seems to have had little effect in that department. Blogs are still here, and my dumb ass gets 100 hits a day. I guess now that I think about that little fact, maybe it’s too late. maybe not only the retards who use OMG, and LOL, but jack-asses like myself have ruined Americas soul. Maybe too many programs like entertainment tonight, and too many discussions about who you would rather bang, have done this nation in. My bad America. I hope it’s not true. I hope we can get even stupider, it actually sounds kind of fun.

Time to end Twitter

July 22, 2009

I’ve pretty much had enough with any, and all things Twitter. At first, I paid little attention to it at all. I just didn’t care. it was a minor annoyance, that I was sure would go away in a matter of weeks, as it is clearly the stupidest thing we as Humans have made into a Fad since the Hackey-sack. However, there seems to be no escaping it. Everywhere I look, there is something about Twitter. Every news program, or Radio show can’t seem to go 10 whole minutes without bringing up Twitter.
First, it was a way for retarded Hollywood reporters, who were too lazy to find out what Paris Hilton was doing, to report on things nobody in there right mind cares about. Then, every douche celebrity started doing it, then the idiots on T.V. and radio had to tell us all about more things we don’t care about. Now, companies, dogs, and buildings have Twitter accounts, to make sure that any possible thing we have no desire to know about, gets to us loud and clear. Apparently real life people (although the author still doubts they deserve basic Human rights) are using Twitter. The question I ask is, Why?

Why would I care? Why would I want to know what Ocho Cinco is doing for lunch, or what CokeZero is offering to me? The good news is, I don’t care. I am proud to say, I have never been to Twitter, nor have I been Tweeted. The problem is, Americans are retarded enough already, this only makes it worse. I was certain this retard fad would blow over, as it serves no practical purpose, and unlike almost every other media thing on the Internet, has no way to post naked pictures. It appears that although Twitter is destined to fail, and go away someday, it seems to be here for a while. I just can’t have this.
We need to set up some basic rules, which I believe will slow the retardation of my fellow Americans, and eventually make Twitter go away for good. Here they are.

1. For every person who’s Twitter you sign up for, your driver’s license is suspended one month. If you are stupid enough to use this thing, you clearly are not of the intelligence it takes to safely navigate a motorized vehicle.

2. If you yourself Tweet, whether it be to comment on tonights episode of ‘So You Think You Can Dance’ or to warn us of an invasion by the British, you have to give up your right to vote for one full major election cycle. Not a full 4 years, but the 2 yr. span for midterm elections. These can add up, so if you tweet 20 times, you can plan on not voting for the next 40 years. This will at least give American society a fighting chance, and keep a good portion of our more useless citizens from deciding public policy. 

3. If you are caught Twittering in public on a cellular device, not only will the above two rules go into effect, but said cellular device will be taken away from you, and stomped on by a guy in a flannel shirt and really big boots, until said device is no longer usable. After 2 offenses like this, you lose the ability to own a cell phone for one full year.

It’s pretty simple really. Twitter, is the dumbest thing ever. If you find yourself being tweeted, or you yourself Twitter, you are of the lowest form of intelligence, and are keeping the Human race from advancing, thus delaying awesome things like Hoverboards, and golfing on Mars. If you Tweet, Twitter, or get Twatted, you have serious problems. If there is any famous person you care so much about, that you have to know whatever they have to say, at any given time, please, please do not breed, as you are so messed up, you will only set back the evolution of our species. If you care about Austin Kutcher, or Britney Spears so much, that you sign onto their Twitter, do us all a favor, either go Amish, or put a plastic bag on your head and go take a nap. Lets all do the right thing. From here on out, whenever you see someone, ask if they Twitter, or get Twitter’d. if they say yes, please punch them in the face. This is the same way we got rid of the Whig party back in the day, we can do it again for the Twitter. If I hear one more thing about dumb assed Twitter, i swear I am going to have a stroke. Please make this thing go away, so we can let the internets get back to what they were designed for. Email, illegal downloads of music, games, movies, awesome videos of Erin Andrews curling her hair, and checking out her butt in the mirror nude, and of course, blogs, and porn. I can forgive a lot of things, but if you Twitter, I hate you.
God Bless America

Land Ho!

July 20, 2009

Operation new house, is finally under way. Yes, it is in the early stages, and may be on a schedule of years rather than months, but it is under way, all the same. We are officially land owners. A nice little plot, just outside of civilization. Not large enough to start that Unicorn ranch I have been dreaming about, but large enough to stretch our legs, and pee outside. It’s a pretty sweet area, right up until I move in. It’s safe to say we will have the shittiest house on the street, but I’m cool with that, as long as there is a bar in the basement. The only problem I have, is with the area itself. To this point, it has been an awesome area in the country, but still in an awesome school district. My problem, is how nice can it be if they let me live there? I’ve always been pretty skeptical about people in general, especially those I have to be surrounded by. my distaste for the bulk of the human race has got me this far, why stop now. Any place that lets me in, can’t be all that great. Maybe I can make one possible exception, or maybe the people in this area don’t have any control over who can buy land. It does mean, I can shoot animals right out of the bathroom window, while I sit on the toilet, the way God intended, and of course pee outside in the middle of the day. So, yes it may be a while before we actually say goodbye to the ‘burbs, but the countdown to the housewarming party has begun. At that point in time, I will most likely be completely out of money, so it’ll have to be BYOB, but I will try and shoot a deer or something while I poop, so we have stuff to grill.

My Proudest Moment

July 19, 2009

This past weekend, was a remarkable one. it started off with little fanfair. We had headed out of town, for some R&R as well as to attend my wife’s family reunion. The reunion unfortunately, was located in putnam county OH, or as I call it sexoffendersburg. I kid, I kid, Putnam county is great, especially for people watching, which is one of my favorite ways to pass the time. It’s also a great place, since you can pretty much take beer anywhere. We were at a community park, which in most parts of the U.S. of A. is a beer free zone, especially when it is right next to a big church. However, tyhis was Putnam county, and it was a catholic church, so beer was kind of expected.
We arrived a little late, as we had to wait for my son to take his mid-day nap. As we were walking up, we noticed it was pretty busy on this day. Every little shelter house was packed, and most of them had people with beer in their hands, this day was starting to shape up a bit. We found the one with my wife’s family party, and sat down to get caught up. We chatted, mostly with the my wife’s immediate family. I pretty much chased the boy around, and did some people watching. After a while, we headed back into the picnic area to see what was going on. My son, decided he was going to play with my father-in-laws cooler. He quickly discovered that the lid opened, and there was stuff in there. After he dug around for a few moments, he closed the lid, and started walking my way. he had something in his hands, but I could not make it out. As he walked closer to me, I made out the shape. He walked up to me, and handed me an ice cold Bud Light. All my dreams came true right there at this moment. Without me asking, my son, beer’d me, all by his little self. I truly am the luckiest man alive, and I can say without hesitation, that my kid, is the best kid in the world. it wasn’t my beer, but I was damned sure not gonna let this magical moment go to waste. That may have been the best tasting beer I’ve ever had. Pretty much every moment since then, I’ve spent weeping tears of joy. There’s been a constant stream of tears and snot running down my face, as this is, the greatest thing ever. I figured it would take a few years of training to get my boy to beer me, but he’s already doing it, all on his own. He’s an overachiever, I’ll tell ya what. Really, no matter what he does from this point forward, I will be the proudest father in the world.


July 16, 2009

Ever wake up, and just know it’s not gonna be your day? Ever get those signs, that seem to tell you, you should just stay home, play Mario Kart, and sniff spray paint all day? Today, I had all those signs, and yet, I pressed on.
I woke up, with a really sore back. I was all out of whack. Earlier in the week, my wife had a sinus infection, and a migraine, and a friend came over with a big bag-o-drugs. In her giant stash of prescription meds, were some really cool sounding pills that she got after a surgery that she claimed “make your whole body numb, and relaxes all your muscles”. I asked if it was good for back pain and she said, “yeah, wanna keep a few?” I declined, for two reasons. one, my back was fine at that time, and they said DO NOT TAKE WITH ALCOHAL, so I passed. Now, I needed those wonderful drugs.
I pressed on, and made it about 1 mile before I realized, I was going to crap myself. I made it back home, and got things taken care of in that department, but failed to realize this was a sign for me to just call it a day. Any time you don’t even get out of your own neighborhood without almost soiling yourself, you know it’s gonna be a bad day. Still, I pressed on. Not sure why, but I did. It’s that fighting spirit of mine. Pretty much the entire rest of my day, was just a little less pain-full than those intestinal cramps, with a far less happy ending. one thing after another, turned on me. Anything that could have gone wrong, did. About 3:00 I started wondering if I would have been better off just shitting myself this morning. I’ll never know. But, what I do know is, I am going to start paying attention to these signs. When all signs are pointing to a bad day, it’s gonna be a bad day from inside my home, or maybe a nice bar. In my younger days, I was Kean to pick up on these signs. If I got in my car, only to find I had left my window down in a rain storm, and my seat was wet. I stayed home. If I got pulled over on the way to work, that was it for that day. Sure, it wasn’t great for my career, but it’s a lot easier to deal with what shitstorm life throws your way, on your own terms. No harassing phone calls, no people yelling at you, and far less stupid people to deal with.
The biggest problem I think I’ll have besides the total lack of professionalism, is knowing just where to draw the line. If the light that is almost always green is red, do I turn back and head home? What if the wrong song is on the radio? Does that mean Fergie is telling me to stay home? The lady at the Coffee counter is just a wee too perky in the morning, do I pack it in? Life is full of difficult questions. I just hope I am wise enough to find the answers. Of course, I could always just error on the side of caution, and never leave. I may become un-employable, but never risking shitting myself may be worth it.