Screwed again

January 12, 2009

Just when I think it’s safe for me to root for a sports team, fate screws me over, yet again. I thought I had left my sports curse back in ’08, but the hits just keep coming. First, my Bucks suffered from some shady officiating, and from best QB in the country, out to prove something. Then, the NFL team I had hitched my wagon to, the Titans, went down hard to the hated Ravens. One bad call looms large on that one, as well as ill-timed turnovers. The one bright spot so far this year, has been another hot streak from the Blue Jackets, and some stellar rookie’s. Our first rd pick, fresh from a call up from his stint with team russia, busted out a hat trick. He looks like a cross between harry potter, and Katie Holmes, except not married to a crazy dude, and awesome at hockey. The real star has been Rookie Goaltender Steve Mason. This dude has been hands down, the best goalie in hockey. Because of him, the Jackets are actually in playoff contention. Sure, they will get wiped out in the first rd. by either Detroit or San Jose, if they do make it, but I’ll take what I can get. Without him, they would be without a doubt the worst team in the NHL, cause they still kinda suck. He has the best goals against average, the most saves, and the most shut-outs in the NHL, let alone the western confrence. He is not only a lock for rookie of the year, but he’s in good position to be the best goalie at seasons end. Well, the NHL just listed it’s all star roster, and not that anyone would watch anyway, but Mason got shafted. Not a fan selection, not even an alternate. Best goalie in the league, leading every stat category, and he got screwed. So it looks like as we move away from ffotball season, and into the “taint” of the sporting year, between football, and baseball, more heartbreak is in store for me. This does come with a little silver lining however. A reason to talk about hockey for one, and a reason to segway that into the firt WWYRB of 2009!

The Sean Avery edition of Who Would You Rather Bang!

For those who don’t know, Sean Avery is the T.O. of Hockey, or maybe even the John Rocker. He has great stats, has been a popular player, and a high payed asshole. Pretty much all of his teamates have hated him, even when he’s at the top of his game. Every team that gets rid of him, has been better once he was gone. Like T.O. and Rocker, he has the best sound bites. He recently turned what was the start to a dissapointing first year in Dallas, into an indefinite suspension, followed by his release from Dallas. Sound familiar? He didn’t call out any teamates like T.O., but he went just a step farther. Avery, being a huge deal in Canada, used to be able to pick and choose which hockey loving canadian celebs he could bang. So anywho, on a road trip earlier this year, Avery called the reporters to his locker, where he made a refference about how it is becoming popular to date his “sloppy seconds”. He said this in reference about 24, and Old School hottie Elish Cuthbert, who used to date Avery, and now dates Dion Phaneuf, who was set to play against Avery that night. Another player in the NHL is also dating one of Avery’s “seconds” Rachel Hunter, former super model. So in honor of Sean Avery, I bring you, the Sean Avery, Sloppy Seconds edition of WWYRB?

Rachel Hunter aka ‘Stacey’s Mom’, aka the chic who used to bang Rod Stewart. Rachel, was one of the first true “supermodels”, and it’s not hard to see why. Since her Sports Illustrated days, she has gotten older, but hasn’t lost a step She even did a spread for playboy, so this gives her an edge. Though she may be a little on the old side, she has embraced the role of the cougar and isn’t affraid to go boating topless, which is a huge plus in this uncertain economy.   

Elisha Cuthbert first gained fame for her role on 24 Once the FOX execs ran out of ways for her to get kidnapped, she was let go, and went into the movie business. The girl next door, also had some rockin photo shoots She is a whole lot younger than her opponent, but, doesn’t seem to have many nude scenes, and was once actually attacked by a cougar. Irony is sweet. But, so are celebrity thong pics and celebrity side boob

Good luck to all the voters, and please, don’t just vote, explain your choice.


8 Responses to “Screwed again”

  1. SEC Fan said

    Do your teams ever lose for a reason other than bad officiating?

  2. Kirk Herbstreit & Brent Musberger said

    They only lose because it is in Pete Carroll’s plan.

  3. ctgobucks said

    If you read the next set of words, after I said shady officiating, I said “the best QB in the country, out to prove something”, as a reason the bucks went down. After the LSU game last year, I noted a number of factors, none of which blamed officials. After the USC game, no mention of officials. Find any of my posts where I blame the fate of my sports teams solely on officials. So I guess the answer to your question is yes, SEC fan, is an illiterate bunghole. Bye the way, I can’t help but recall you saying you were an Alabama fan “this year” meaning you are a bandwagon jumping hack, or a fan of a team that got stomped by Utah. Michigan, gave the Utes a better game than that.Take away a special teams score, and a second half fumble, and that’s a 30 point loss for bama.

  4. ctgobucks said

    I gotta go against the grain here on this one. Rachel Hunter is way hotter. As good as Elisha Cuthbert looks on t.v. and in mags, she’s benefitted from a whole lot of airbrushing. While trying to find pics of her to post, I was greatly dissapointed by some of her real life pics in bikini’s. Rachel Hunter, may be old, and tainted with Rod Stewart spoolge, but her hotness has staying power, thus giving her my vote over a pale, sadly cankled canadian puck chaser, from a shitty t.v. show.
    24 sucks

  5. Lynch said

    thanks for the backhanded Michigan compliment….

  6. Lynch said

    Elisha should, and will, dominate this edition of WWYRB…. in my opinoin, she made “24” watchable…. her lack of nude scenes makes her even hotter…. she was a naughty girl in Old School too….

  7. Disgruntled Reds Fan said

    Elisha, i dont care if she’s canadian, the thought of Rod Stewart on Rachel Hunter ruins it all.

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