6 Month’s!

September 25, 2008

Dylan turned 6 months old last night! Time flies, and thinking back, it seems like a couple weeks ago he was born. It’s been pretty awesome so far, and can’t wait to see what the future holds. Tonight, we celebrated by giving him a bath, which is basically just him splashing the whole time. We both laugh, and mommy gets soaked. It’s a good time. Saddly he still hasn’t learned to splash the “good parts” of her shirt. I keep trying to teach him, but he doesn’t seem to care as much as I do. We also tried to give him yogurt, which he was not a big fan of. Who wouldn’t like a product called Yo-baby? He has eaten pretty much everything else we have tried, so we’ve been lucky there. You can feel some teeth coming in in his gums, so hopefully we can move onto feeding him cooler foods like ribs. He’s getting more and more fond of the stupid dog. For some reason he thinks Rudi is pretty cool. This makes me wonder if he hasn’t developed his olfactory senses yet, as Rudi usually smells like a turd. He especiialy likes yanking on Rudi’s fur, or punching him in the face. Rudi likes the attention, but trying to keep dog fur out of his mouth can be a pain in the hiney. He’s getting closer and closer to crawling. He pretty much gets into position no problem, but never goes anywhere. He does have the pivotting, and rolling down pat. Most mornings, he’s in a completely different area of his crib just hanging out. Our new trick is I have tought him to punch me in the face, and he cracks up laughing. This may not be the best thing to teach a baby, but it keeps us both happy, and it will help him teach the other kids at daycare that he doesn’t mess around. I can pretty much get him to crack up and laugh on cue, which is the cutest thing ever. This will also give me an edge in the “cool” parent race. My wife doesn’t stand a chance, but she’ll keep trying. She does still have the built in food source, which I can’t compete with, so we’ll call it a tie for now. So as we move along, we all continue to have a good time, and enjoy the ride.

It has become more and more apparent, that we cannot trust our dog to defend us. If anyone comes into our home, intending to do us harm, we are on our own. I first started to notice his worthlessness, when he was a youngster. Any loud noise would freak him out. Recently, I started up the vacume, and he took off and hid behind the baby who was sitting in his bouncie seat. I think it’s safe to say, he is for entertainment purposes only at this point. No Mike Vick style activities for this dog. Once he was laying beside the couch, and whomever was laying on the couch knocked a pillow off, and it fell on his back. He peeled out on the wood floor, like they do in the cartoons, and jumped down the stairs to wait out the attack in the safety of the basement. It’s not like I beat this dog senseless. This dog has pretty much never seen aggression, but for some reason is as nervous as a pedophile before Trick-or-treat night. He weighs over 100 pounds, and can scare away strangers who come to our door selling stuff. Why is he such a wimp? As long as their is a closed door, or window separating im from other dogs ,the mailman, little kids, he’s a badass. Tonight was the last straw. After I got home from work, I was doing stuff in the kitchen, and rudi was laying at the top of the stairs. I must have not shut the door all the way, cause the breaze blew it open. He made this hysterical whining noise and hauled ass ass far away as he could get. He went to the end of the hall, but the bedrrom doors were closed. He kinda hid around the corner, and then recaptured his toughness. As soon as he was certain he was safe, he started growling like an actual mean dog. Had there been a path to safety that would have resulted in running me over, he would have taken it, if it were the shortest route. I am the proud owner of the pound-for-pound weakest dog of all time. But I can still blame farts on him, so he’ll stay.

Has anyone else seen these commercials with various athletes, for this Vaseline Lotion? It’s pretty weird. At the end of the commercial they say things like “to see more of Chase Utley, go to vaseline.com” Isn’t this country messed up enough? do we need to have advertisements combining picture’s of dude athletes, the internet, and vaseline lotion? Now if Vaseline were to have the same commercials with say, Jessica Alba, and then mentioning Vaseline, and the internet, they could expect a pretty decent sales jump.

So a semi-actual website has put a link to our little blog. Check out the tailgating ideas website. Every day I check the stats page, and it seems that along with the people from google looking for ways to save sharks or pandas, or the people searching for Erin Andrew boobs pics, a few random folks from there stumble upon us. Pretty cool I may have to step it up now that people are watching. So anyone with any great tailgating ideas, feel free to add them. I’ll try and keep adding to the Great moments in Tailgating history series.


One Response to “6 Month’s!”

  1. Disgruntled Reds Fan said

    Happy half b-day D-man, hope you have like 200 more. Time to get a job and move out. Be good to your mom and dad, and remember who your coolest uncle is. And also, learn to read so you can understand what i’m typing.

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