easy now…

September 20, 2008

So today was the day we finally got to see Terrell Pryor get his first start. Let me first say, that I was blabbing all week about how it was time to hand the ball over to Pryor. After the way the offensive line for OSU played against USC, he was the only way they were going to be able to get a play off. Todd Boekman has no chance, if they block like that. Few quarterbacks alive, would have a chance with an offensive line that blocks nobody. I didn’t expect Boekman to be completely pushed aside. I feel bad for the kid, I really do. Pryor looked O.K. The stats don’t really tell the whole truth. This was anybody’s game going into the 4th quarter, and Troy sucks, so lets not get too excited. I’m sure given the chance to sit back in that pocket, Boekman could have done at least as well as Pryor, likely even better. Pryor did make some sweet plays with his feet, and didn’t just pull it down and run it every time he had a chance, he played way better than I expected for his first start, but Troy sucks. He was able to avoid the pressure, and hit the open man, but Troy sucks. After watching todays game, I couldn’t help but wonder, if OSU was just playing against a group of random dudes named Troy, would it have been any different? I mean put Troy Smith, or troy Aikman at QB, find some other dudes named troy, like Troy Brown, or Troy Kanopka, or Dr. Troy from ‘Nip Tuck’, they’d be about as good, as Troy the college. You might have to stretch it to allow for dyslexia, and let people named Tory play, but it would be close to the ammount of talent that was facing the bucks today. I again was ashamed to be a Buckeye fan today, when Boekman actually got in, and threw one incomplete pass, and headed to the sideline to a chorus of boo’s from the home crowd. If you were at the game, and you booed Todd Boekman, you are a piece of shit, plain and simple. What happened at USC was no more his fault, than it was George Bush’s. USC kicked our ass, and the majority of the team played like shit, most of all the O line, and the coaching staff. Yes Boekman played shitty, but Pryor didn’t exactly light it up either. They split time, and we lost by 32. Today was a sad sight. Thousands of OSU fans think that since they bought a ticket to the only non-sellout of the year, they have the right to be ignorant assholes. Those poor poor, buckeye fans, might not get a national title the fans have worked so hard for, and it’s all Todd Boekman’s fault. I mean all this kid did was come to OSU, pay his own way for a year, work hard in practice, and represented himself and his team with nothing but class for the next four years, quietly waiting his turn to play in years 5 and 6. What a dick. I mean all he did was take a team predicted to finish 3rd in the League, who lost the 3 leading receivers, a lineman, the leading rusher, and the Heisman winning quarterback, all the way to the BCS championship game. Yes he played like shit in that game, but the line was worse, and he was facing a defense full of first rd. picks, in their backyard. That bastard. Let’s run that fucker out of town. I mean, he’s only our captian, as elected by the other players, surely they have to hate him as much as we do right? The guy is totally worthless, all he did last year was be the leading passer in the league, he sucks right? Personally, I’m a Pryor man myself, but at some point in time, Boekman will be needed. Pryor is a freshman by the way. In the mean time, I’m guessing a lot of the receivers would rather look into the huddle and know, that if they are open, and Boekman is upright, they’ll get the ball, as opposed to Pryor running for 5 yards. Pryor is our future, but as for the present, OSU fans have got waay to caught up in winning it all, or silencing total strangers who say mean things about our favorite team. So what if we don’t win it all? How many titles have we won the last 40 years? It’s not like we’re the Yankees and that’s all we’re used to. So what if random people say mean things about us? How is it we can put up with years and years of quarterbacks who weren’t exactly the greatest of all time, but we have to be dicks to Todd Boekman. I remember a team we love to hate, that had a dependable, in no way mobile, tall white QB, who was  a senior, and they ran him out of town, in favor of a highly touted freshman that had yet to do anything in college. That freshman later went on to be involved in a baseball trade with Willy Mo Pena, and Denny Neigle, whilst doing nothing in football. That horrible senior, was Tom Brady. I’m not saying Boekman is going to be the next Tom Brady, but you can’t gauruntee Pryor isn’t the next Drew Henson either. In the mean time buckeye fans, remember what’s so great about our teams. We’ve been a lot shittier than we are now, enjoy the games, light shit on fire, and if I catch you booing Todd Boekman I will Teabag you in the parking lot. That kid deserves better. As for Todd Boekman, if you are feeling down, I will be willing to slam some Bud Light Limes with you any day. I will be wearing a Terrell Pryor jersey though, and making fun of St. Henry OH.

So what do you get when you mix the worst offensive line this side of Oakland, with a team that won the superbowl mainly because of their pass rush? Carson Palmer’s offseason starting at about 2:15 tomorow, that’s what. I’ve lost all hope, and am rooting for the Bengals to be the worst team in football, so we can draft a healed up Beanie Wells. Though I want them to lose, I am actually scared for Carson’s safety. The Giants might actually break him in half. The only chance the Bengals have, is if we buy everyone on the Giants 2 deep on defense tickets to the final yankee stadium game, and they go tailgating early.

As for SEC teams fans. Please, please shut the hell up. Why is it, that as soon as you get up by 2 scores, you all have to chant SEC! SEC! SEC!? You guys hate eachother, but have no problem bragging about eachothers success as soon as you play a non SEC school. Way to beat unranked ASU Georgia. Clearly you guys are the best ever. Yes you guys have the best league of all the BCS schools, you have 2 teams who could win it all as opposed to everyone elses one (sorry Missouri). We should all be giving you hand jobs, for being so awesome. Yeah, so most of the last 40 years you guys were kind of a joke as far as football is concerned, with the exception to the whole Bear Bryant era, but you’re good now, so let us all hear about it. I guess fans of the PAC 10, ACC, Big 12 and Big 10, and Big East, missed their chance to let you hear about how good they were from 1966-2004. Oh well, you guys have 4 whole years of dominance going, let us all bow down to you. Just make sure that you do that gay assed chear whenever, Arkansas, Kentucky, South Carolina, Ole Miss, Mississippi St., Vanderbilt, get throttled by an out of confrence foe. Make sure you do the cheer when Tennessee loses to UCLA, who clearly sucks really really bad. Make sure you tell us all how bad we suck, and then brag about beating us, cause that makes soo much sense. We’ll sit back and honor you in any way we can, after all what could we possibly say bad about you guys. Well I’ll give it a shot. Remember slavery? That was fun wasn’t it? Hmmm, which part of the country was doing that? I don’t recall. Remember the Civil War? didn’t you guys secede from the union? How’d that work out for ya? Let me do a quick count of all the North American countries….Wait, why isn’t there a whole bunch of small countries just south of Ohio? Oh wait, you lost. Your whole way of life got F’d in the A. God donkey punched your whole existence, and set you all back about 200 years. Boo Hoo. It’s cool though, you still have the inbreeding and southern fried everything. Go ahead and do the SEC cheer, you guys are great. Just remember, if any SEC teams ever come accross the mason dixon for a game, say, in november or later, you can do the cheer, but I’ll be there, in an Abe lincoln costume, singing the Battle Hymn of the Republic. Oh wait, isn’t that also Georgia’s fight song? Way to make a lot of fucking sense Georgia. Stay classy bitches.


3 Responses to “easy now…”

  1. Caesar Milan said

    Doesn’t georgia’s mascot die about every 4 or 5 years?

  2. Redsarerollin said

    The hate is strong here, I like it.

  3. Ohio Football Sucks said

    I just googled “Ohio Football Sucks” and this blog website was at the top of the list. Maybe it was all the references to Elida, Ohio State, the Browns and the Bengals.

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